You should do these things when riding

Compared with indoor riding platform training, most cyclists prefer the outdoor environment.

After all, the most attractive thing about bicycles is freedom.

Especially when friends from three to five form a team to ride together, or participate in a group exercise with more than ten people, they will feel that this is the real bicycle sport! However, when going outdoors, there are more unsafe factors, and riders need to pay more attention to the details and etiquette of riding.

01 As for overtaking and riding on the road, there are three great risk factors for cyclists besides motor vehicles: pedestrians on the road ride shared bicycles, head down and play with their mobile phones.

Commuters ride their bikes and watch the scenery slowly.

Leisure cyclists have a common feature that they will change direction, stop or fall suddenly without warning.

I’m afraid most cyclists don’t have bells on their bicycles.

When they meet a slow car on the bicycle lane and need to overtake, they need to make some artificial sounds to make people in front notice you.

At this time, the words “Hi”, “Be careful” and “Please step aside” are enough to attract the attention of cyclists or pedestrians in front.

When you see that the car in front of you has a stable route and is no longer swaying from side to side, or when you look over your shoulder, it means they have noticed you, and this is the time to safely overtake.

It is also necessary to say “thank you” when passing.

02 Don’t follow cars at will Every city will have some places with few cars and good roads that are suitable for riding, and riders will gather in these places for training.

Line up and riding with the wind are also common training methods.

However, following a bike is actually a very dangerous behavior.

Each rider’s riding speed, rhythm and habits are different.

Blindly following a bike can easily cause a crash.

Especially when the front car slows down and changes direction, if the rear car cannot follow too closely, the front wheel of the rear car will rub the rear wheel of the front car, and the rear car will surely fall.

Tip: As for car following, you should not follow the car easily unless you are familiar with it.

03 Develop the habit of signaling in advance.

Whether you want to slow down or change direction, you need to let the car behind you know your intention.

If you are at the front of the cycling team, you need to shoulder more responsibilities.

Because the people behind you all expect you to lead them.

They really need to observe the traffic conditions, predict in advance, and give directions to cyclists behind them to change their direction, avoid acceleration or deceleration.

04 It’s the same as the psychological factors of drivers who drive hard.

There are also a small number of cyclists who feel unbalanced when being overtaken.

“His car is not as good as mine, and it’s not as expensive as mine.

How can it be faster than mine?” It’s easy to race each other when you come and go, which is very impolite and has major potential safety hazards.

Restrain your impulses in time, and rational riding training is what a qualified rider should do.

05 He often walks by the river to give help.

He can’t help but wet his shoes.

When you ride on the road, you often have a flat tire, a broken chain, or a broken bike.

If you see a cyclist tampering with his bike or throwing a bike on the road, if you can, ask or help him.

After all, you usually choose to ride in a place where there are fewer cars and fewer people.

The feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and anxiety at the roadside has more or less happened to car riders.

06 Riding on the right In normal training or competition, generally speaking, the left side of the road is the overtaking lane, which is used to overtake the vehicle in front.

If you occupy the left lane for a long time, it will block the riders behind.

Therefore, if you are not so fast, please try not to ride on the left side of the road except when necessary.

07 Drivers who don’t throw energy glue around usually eat energy glue and replenish water on their bikes.

Some riders don’t pay attention and leave discarded water bottles/drink bottles or energy glue bags on the road, which will cause great potential safety hazards to people coming from behind.

The water bottle/drink bottle and energy glue bag may cause the bicycle tire to lose grip and slip, which may lead to a falling accident.

Please try to avoid throwing your hands and discard the waste at a proper place.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the most important point: whether it is daily commuting or riding training, all cyclists must abide by traffic rules in 08.

Whether you are going to be late for work or can’t catch up with your partner on the way to training, you should stop at the red light.

After all, the Traffic Committee of the Third District of Beijing has said, “There are thousands of roads, safety first.

Driving is not standardized, and relatives are crying”…