Yanqi Lake Leisure Cycling – Slow Tour around the Lake – Top Xiumeiquan Town – Yancheng Ancient Street only 198 inclusive, no need to get up

Yanqi Lake, one of the top ten cycling routes in Beijing • 20km slow cycling system can fully immerse itself in the nature here (various models are suitable for adults, girls, children, couples, etc.) | Cycling information 1) The road condition is 95% flat, the slope is 5%, the route is bright, the road is gentle, the site is open, the route strength is: ★☆☆☆☆☆☆, the landscape index is: ★★★★★ 2) The slow walking path around the lake and the cycling route are about 20km long, On the way, you will successively pass Yanqi Lake Road, Yanqi Lake Main Dam, Yanqi Lake West Road and Yanqi Hubei Road to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside Yanqi Lake in a 360 degree panoramic view.

3) In the whole slow walking path around the lake and cycling system, important nodes are equipped with public supporting service facilities such as tourist service points, public toilets, viewing platforms, commercial outlets and cruise terminals, which can meet the needs of people who stay at each viewing platform to enjoy the beautiful scenery, rest and supply during hiking.

4) You can enter the water loop line in the lake by choosing the cruise dock nearby, and visit Yanqi Island, International Conference Center, Yanqi Tower, Yanqi Hotel, Sunrise Oriental Hotel and other characteristic buildings closely.

❑ Benefits of cycling 1.

The body shaping effect of cycling is very good, which can make the small belly disappear, the waist circumference become smaller, and the hips become warped.


Riding can greatly improve our sleep quality and mental outlook.


The most important thing to do by cycling is to exercise the thigh muscles.


When riding, we need a lot of oxygen, which can strengthen our heart and lung functions.


Riding can help us reduce stress.

When we ride a bike, our brain will secrete a substance that can relax our brain, make us happy and feel happy.


Riding can exercise our willpower.

The activity time is 11.5/6/12/13 (subject to the reservation of the team).

The gathering place is 8:30.

The South Exit Station of Huixin West Street of Metro Line 5/10 gathers and starts off.

The activity intensity is leisure riding.

The road is gentle, and it is suitable for all cyclists.

Route: Cycling route: starting point – Dingxiu Spring Town – Yancheng Ancient Street – the south bank of Yanqi Lake – the west bank – the north bank – Guhuai Xiyu Park – the end point.

The whole journey is about 25km (you can turn back at any time if you are exhausted).

Leisure cycling, with a smooth road, is suitable for all cyclists (10-55 years old).

Activity cost 198 yuan/person Self driving 148 yuan/person Registration: Dongdong WeChat 186313449015810059566 (prepaid) Enterprise and public institution group building expansion, personal customization (click to view) | The cost includes: 1) Tourist bus: travel charter fee from Beijing to Yanqi Lake; 2) Bicycles: variable-speed mountain bikes and bike riding protectors (please explain when applying for children’s cars, and the cost is the same as that of adults; children can ride with adults without cars, and the cost is 108 yuan/person); 3) Team leader: the team leader will take the team back; 4) Others: Give away high-value outdoor insurance (please submit your identity information when registering).

❑ The cost does not include: 1) Catering: this activity does not include meals.

Please bring your own road meals or supplies that are suitable for outdoor use; 2) Others: Please take good care of your bike.

If it is damaged, you need to make compensation according to the price.

It will be returned when you return.

❑ Self driving instructions: Self driving team members should arrive at the designated time and return their bikes on time.

During the activity, they should abide by the team rules.

The schedule is 08:30 | Huixin West Street South Exit Subway Station, where you can gather and start to go to Yanqi Lake, an important ecological conservation place in the capital.

09:00 | After arriving, pick up the bike, check the vehicle and protective equipment, and explain the precautions uniformly.

10: 00 | Ride along the designated route under the leadership of the leader; We ride in the beautiful spring town of Kading to experience the customs of the original town along the Alps in Europe.

Then we go to Yancheng Ancient Street to visit.

Then we ride along the Yanqi Lake system to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yanqi Lake, see the beautiful scenery of Yanqi Lake, watch Sunrise Oriental Wine Shop (Bird’s Egg), and Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center (Yanqi Tower) from a distance.

Free lunch in the town at noon.

16: 00 | Assemble and return at 18:00 | Arrive at the departure place, and the happy journey ends.

Note: The above travel time is for reference only, and may be adjusted due to weather, traffic, passenger flow and different physical fitness of the team members, subject to the actual arrangement of the leader.

Yanqi Lake Scenic Area is located at the west foot of Yunmeng Mountain in the north of Huaibei Town, Huairou District, Beijing, 8 kilometers away from Huairou County and 60 kilometers away from the capital.

Yanqi Lake is formed by intercepting Yanqi River.

It is rich in water and clear in water quality.

There are often wild geese, swans and other rare birds and migratory birds living here, so it is called Yanqi Lake.

With a pleasant climate and pure blue water, the lake area is an ideal place for water recreation and leisure.

Yanqi Lake Viewing Platform, which is an excellent photography place for Yanqi Lake.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yanqi Lake, the Sunrise Oriental Hotel (Bird’s Egg) and Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center (Yanqi Tower) from a distance.

Yanqi Lake is surrounded by mountains, with a green coverage rate of 90%.

There are more than 100000 rare flowers and trees, such as maple, ginkgo, green bamboo, etc.

There are flowers in three seasons and evergreen in four seasons.

By the Yanqi Lake, 10000 square meters of garden style green space has been opened up, and more than 100000 rare flowers and trees, such as maple, ginkgo, acacia, green bamboo, and French tung, have been planted, making it possible to have flowers in three seasons and evergreen in four seasons.

After years of construction, the cultural landscape and natural landscape in Yanqi Lake are integrated.

In the golden autumn, the Great Wall is in full swing.

The Great Wall looms between the peaks.

The lake is thousands of acres long, with blue waves rippling, and hundreds of boats competing for the current.

It’s beautiful# Dingxiu Meiquan Town Dingxiu Meiquan Town is located in Yanqi Town, Huairou District, about 4.5 kilometers away from Huairou downtown and 55 kilometers away from Beijing downtown.

The town is adjacent to the beautiful Yanqi Lake Scenic Area and Yanqi International Convention Capital in the north, Yanqi Economic Development Zone in the south, and Yanqi River in the east, which flows through the town from north to south..