Xixiangtang hides a beautiful cycling route, and you can experience three kinds of “sea, land and air” playing methods~~

-The weather is so good, why don’t we ride together? The autumn wind is sprinkled over the fields, and the warm golden sky is clear and blue.

Together, they paint a blue sky, and yellow leaves are rippling in autumn, The beautiful picture of late autumn in the beautiful southern scenic spot of Xixiangtang District, the Sun Valley Campsite, is in fact such a beautiful picture of late autumn.

There is no need to go to a distance to explore motorcycle enthusiasts riding.

Xixiangtang District, the beautiful southern scenic spot of Xixiangtang District, has such a beautiful riding route.

On this route, you can also experience Yongjiang water sports, land motorcycle riding Helicopter flight “sea, land and air” Three Ways to Play Xixiangtang District Motorcycle Riding Lovers will now follow Xiao Xin to explore the beauty of Xixiangtang in late autumn, experience the motorcycle riding in Xixiangtang, hand over the body to the motorcycle, and return the soul to the free ride across the mountains and seas.

Let’s have a poetic talk while we are young.

Before introducing the beautiful cycling routes in Xixiangtang District, let’s introduce a spiritual paradise for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The holy place for motorcycle riding is also a good place to punch in at weekends The starting point of the American cycling route: Wall Street Valley, Xixiangtang District 📍 Recommended index of Wall Street Industrial Valley: ★★★★★★ Wall Street Industrial Valley is a “national science and technology enterprise incubator”.

The park has gathered entrepreneurial institutions of different types and levels, whose functions are gradually improved and makers are increasingly active, which has built a higher platform for the development of science and technology enterprises in Xixiangtang District.

Since 2021, locomotive manufacturers of various brands have gathered in Wall Street Industrial Valley.

At present, more than 20 brands including Harley, Kawasaki, QJ motor, Yamaha and supporting locomotive equipment manufacturers have settled in Wall Street Industrial Valley.

On October 21, 2022, the Guangxi Locomotive Culture Industry Alliance was established under the leadership of locomotive merchants in Wall Street Industrial Valley Industrial Park to form a better locomotive culture exchange center, provide a platform for information exchange, car life, safe bicycle travel, etc., form a good locomotive culture atmosphere, and further promote the internal cycle of economic development.

Wall Street Workforce Valley gathers well-known locomotive brands at home and abroad.

You can freely choose your favorite locomotive type.

Harley Kawasaki Yamaha Guangyang logo.

Yangtze River Apulia Jincheng Little Monkey Xiaoxin has experienced a locomotive in the locomotive brand Kawasaki store.

In Wall Street Workforce Valley, you can not only freely choose your favorite locomotive, but also take photos and punch cards.

It’s very good to make a movie.

The store manager said that if you can see which model of Kawasaki locomotive this is at a glance I will personally take you to test drive and experience the beautiful cycling route in Xixiangtang! After selecting the motorcycle, you can ride along the beautiful riding route in the face of the slowly coming river wind.

go! go! go! Get in the car! set out! Wonderful cycling route Wall Street Industrial Valley – Zhenxing Road – Xinji Road – Keli Avenue – Luowen Avenue – Jiangbei Avenue – Jiangzhou Road – Sun Valley Water Park – USUNHOME Aviation Base This route is not only spacious, but also smooth and unobstructed.

The scenery along the way is very pleasant.

In addition to cycling, you can also camp, barbecue and play with water projects It can be said that it is difficult to find a second such perfect way to experience the triple play of “sea, land and air” 📍 Beautiful South Zhongliang Village Recommendation Index: “Beautiful South” Zhongliang Village was rated as the most beautiful leisure village and the most beautiful livable village in China.

It is a gold lettered signboard in Xixiangtang District, a beautiful business card of Nanning City, and a typical demonstration of “tourism+agriculture” in Guangxi.

When Xiaoxin entered the village, he immediately felt the rippling rice waves and the beautiful scenery of fruits and vegetables; I saw countless visitors from all directions coming to visit in the front alleys, fields, flowers and orchards of the village; I heard that tourists talked with villagers about the years of educated youth, the history of land reform, and the past of farming culture villages; I can smell the fragrance of rice from the farmhouse inn in the distance.

Moreover, the ancient and simple appearance and the land reform history and culture are preserved here, and the tourists who have come here are reluctant to leave! 📍 Recommended index of Sun Valley Water Park: ★★★★★★★★ Sun Valley Tent Camp Motorcycle enthusiasts ride in Sun Valley On this route, Xiaoxin recommends you to go to the Sun Valley Water Park to check in.

The park is located in the beautiful southern scenic area of Xixiangtang District, covering an area of 140 mu, adjacent to the Yongjiang River, surrounded by green plants and walking along the green path, with beautiful ecological landscape.

The park has a riverside barbecue corridor, boat dock Outdoor large lawn, amusement park, multi-functional restaurant, ecological campground, parking lot and other service facilities provide food barbecue, boat experience, camping group building and other outdoor leisure services, which can meet the simultaneous admission of more than 1000 teams.

It is an excellent place for schools, enterprises and institutions, and family friends to meet.

Aerial photo of Sun Valley Scenic Area Apart from biking and camping, friends who like water sports also come here to play.

This is the only tourist park with the theme of water leisure sports in Nanning 📍 The recommended index of USUNHOME Aviation Base:.

The base is located in the beautiful southern scenic area of Shibu Township, Xixiangtang District, only 40 minutes from the urban area and Nanning Wuxu Airport.

The successful trial flight in October 2015 is the first helicopter flight training base in Guangxi, which also provides services such as aerial wedding, wedding photography, aerial photography and aerial survey, low altitude tour, business flight, VIP charter flight, etc..