Wu Lei’s riding on Qiandao Lake was on fire. A video made netizens curious: why do you shave your legs?

Recently, actor Wu Lei’s riding vlog on Qiandao Lake has exploded in the whole network.

This video with nearly 10 million hits was named “the best tourism publicity film”.

This popular video not only brushed a wave of popularity for the scenery of Qiandao Lake, but also attracted everyone’s attention for a cold knowledge in cycling – shaving legs.

Can cyclists really shave their legs? Does shaving your legs really increase speed? The reporter contacted the great God of cycling circle and listened to them talk about the cold knowledge in this circle.

Vlog clicked more than 9.85 million and also brought “shaving legs” to hot search.

In Wu Lei’s 20 minute vlog, it showed the most beautiful scenery of Qiandao Lake and the convenient and mature riding path from the first perspective of cyclists.

Some netizens said: “this video is better than the effect of tourism promotional films.” Many people left messages and immediately wanted to ride a bike.

The video also attracted unprecedented attention to cycling.

Careful fans also found such a small detail.

On the way, Wu Lei met the riders who were participating in the triathlon in Jieshou cycling town and some cycling enthusiasts.

When chatting, they actually talked about a slightly embarrassing topic – shaving their legs.

“I shaved off my legs for cycling?” I heard that it was the first time for Wu Lei to blow the wind on the camera (“breaking the wind” is a professional term of bicycle racing, which means that under high-speed cycling, cyclists need to break through air resistance to reach the fastest speed.) it is this dialogue that makes the cold knowledge in cycling rush to the hot search at once.

Professional drivers and amateur experts who pursue marginal effects can really shave their legs.

Hangzhou Chaoyang tire team driver “detour” is a great God in Hangzhou cycling circle.

Now he also works as a road repairer in a country park track in Shanghai.

Recently, he just participated in the mountain bike competition of the fourth sports conference of Zhejiang Province.

He was over 50 years old and won the third place in the group over 35 years old.

Can cyclists really shave their legs? Facing the reporter’s question, his reply was: This is true.

“Detour” said: “professional cyclists shave their legs, and those with higher level among amateur cyclists also shave, but this mainly refers to road cyclists.

Mountain SUVs rarely do this.

Several road cycling friends around me shave their legs.” “Detour” everyone’s biggest doubt is, can shaving leg hair really make the speed faster? “This is also true.

In our training, an instrument called power meter will be installed on the car to feed back the training data.

Based on the speed of riding 40 kilometers per hour, whether to shave your legs will affect the power of 5-10 watts.

For experts, the power is related to the speed of riding.” A previous research report pointed out that leg shaving can increase the aerodynamic force by about 0.6%.

If you ride 40 kilometers at the speed of 37 km / h, it can save 5 seconds.

“Therefore, amateur drivers with high level will shave their legs before the race in order to pursue the marginal effect.” “Detour” said that perhaps the speed advantage of short-distance leg shaving is not obvious, but if it is a multi-day race, this gap will appear.

This is the tradition of European players.

It is not only out of etiquette, but also more convenient for wound treatment.

The founder of qiyou.com, “Lao a”, is a big fan in the domestic amateur bicycle circle.

In 2004, when there were few domestic cyclists, he became addicted to cycling.

Even because of his hobby, he quit his job as a university teacher and started qiyou.com full-time.

Now, he participates in more than 100 large and small bicycle events every year.

The reporter also specially consulted him about the shaving of cyclists’ legs.

“I don’t shave my legs, but in the group, everyone has discussed this topic, which is really warm.” “Old a” told reporters, “most of the legs are road cyclists.

The tour de France is in hot progress these days.

If you are interested in the live broadcast of the game, you can go and have a look.

The athletes’ legs are clean and scraped.” “Shaving leg hair by road cyclists is actually a European tradition.

European leg hair is generally thick, and cyclists shaving leg hair is not only for beauty, but also for etiquette.

In comparison, our Chinese leg hair is generally not so thick.” “Lao a” said that another more important reason is that it is “convenient to deal with the wound”, “scraping off the leg hair makes it easier for riders to deal with the wound when they are injured in competition and normal training.

After there is no leg hair, they will not deal with the leg hair when dealing with the wound, which can also make the wound recover faster.” ▶ Link: you can’t imagine that these sports also need to shave their legs.

Swimming: a test conducted by Stanford University shows that swimmers can shave all their hair and improve their speed by 2%.

Japanese women’s breaststroke star yasumi Tanaka has revealed that swimmers will shave all their hair the day before an important competition in order to reduce resistance.

Football: Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and other football stars also shave their legs.

As a football player, leg injuries are the most common.

Scraping off leg hair can reduce the possibility of bacterial breeding and better heal the wounds when players have leg injuries.

There is also a saying that players will choose to shave their legs out of beauty.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · hour news reporter Wang Qiong and Li Ying on duty editor: everyone is watching Ni Wang town..