Wu Lei, the male leader of “long song line”, rode for 90 kilometers, but will his “ability” not be affected?

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Some time ago, actor Wu Lei, who attracted much attention due to the fire of “long song line”, shared his vlog of riding 90 kilometers from Quanzhou to Xiamen on the social platform, which made many netizens feel the joy of riding.

At the same time, with the popularity of sharing bicycles, more and more people will choose leisure time to ride bicycles for travel, sports and play, which makes cycling popular with more people.

Even people who can’t ride bicycles want to try this sport.

However, some male friends will worry about whether cycling will do harm to their sexual ability and urinary system health? After all, the topic of “the impact of cycling on sexual ability” has been controversial for many years, which worries many male friends.

So, does cycling really affect men’s sexual health? 1、 Research shows that cycling does not damage sexual health.

First of all, we need to know that long-term pressure on the perineum or groin will produce pain and reduce the sensation in this area.

Previous studies have shown that groin pain can lead to male erectile dysfunction and affect men’s health, which is why it is believed that cycling can affect men’s sexual health.

In order to study this problem, there is such a study, which surveyed 4000 men around the world.

Among them, 63% of men are cyclists who do not swim and run, and the remaining 37% are non cyclists.

The researchers investigated the physical health, sexual function and urinary system of these participants, and then compared them.

They found that the human function and urinary system of cyclists were not worse than those who did not ride, and even their average sexual ability was higher than these people.

In general, cycling does not affect men’s sexual function and urinary system, but also has a positive effect on sexual ability.

However, it is indeed prone to perineal numbness after long-term cycling.

Therefore, we should control the riding time, wear appropriate pants and choose appropriate bicycle accessories as much as possible.

2、 What really hurts your sexual function is these three rumors.

Instead of worrying about whether cycling will really affect your sexual function, you might as well review yourself to see if you mistakenly believe these rumors.

They are the “culprit” who will really hurt your ability.


Drinking can help “sex” drinking can help “sex”, which was a rumor a long time ago, but many people still believe that stepping on the pit.

It is true that people will be more excited after drinking, but such a habit will have a serious impact on men’s health.

Drinking will damage the liver and other organs and central nervous system, and then affect men’s “ability” over the years.

Moreover, it is easy to appear “incompetent” after drinking wine, so don’t believe that wine can help the rumor.


It’s a serious problem to go to the bathroom immediately after you’re done.

When a man is “done”, the cavernous body won’t return to its original state immediately.

It’s still pressing your urethra.

At this time, going to the bathroom is not only painful to urinate, but also may flow back to the prostate, resulting in prostatitis and serious harm to men’s health, The correct response is to wait more than half an hour before going to the bathroom.


After a cigarette, happiness is like a fairy.

“After a cigarette, happiness is like a fairy”.

Many male friends have heard and put it into practice.

However, this is not a good habit.

First of all, in the process of “handling affairs”, the blood flow of men’s body will accelerate, which means that the blood circulation system is accelerating, and tobacco contains a large number of harmful substances.

At this time, smoking will accelerate the entry of harmful substances into various organs, and the harm will be doubled.

So even if you want to smoke again, you should restrain yourself.

Jiayijun warm tip: Although cycling will not affect your sexual ability, it does not mean that we can ride at will.

Exercise also needs to be moderate.

This also applies to other sports, otherwise excessive exercise will also bring negative effects.

In addition to exercise, we should also pay attention to distinguish health rumors and pay more attention to professional and reliable health information, so as not to mistakenly believe unscientific “fallacies”.

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