Would you like to see the sunset on the 30km Rainbow Bridge?

(Let’s take a look at the scene together) Talk about feelings 1.

The trailer solved the problem of Sister Meng sleeping on the bike very well.

I thought it would be very hard to pull the trailer.

To my surprise, I couldn’t feel the existence of the trailer when I rode.

I have to thank the organizer of the event.


Although we have cycled 30 kilometers in total, it is actually intermittent, with Swan Lake playing and Rainbow Bridge watching the sunset in the middle.

People’s fatigue is like dust, which will disappear with a flick.


We did not return on the original route.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town should be the daughter-in-law’s temporary intention.

Although the ancient town is not big, it is not crowded as expected.

In this way, we walked on the undulating stone street, walked across the stone bridge, looked at the colorful lights in the river, and felt a sense of secularity and mystery.

Especially when I saw the toys and food in my childhood, my heart felt sweet and thick as molasses.


After six hours of stop and go, I finally returned to the starting point at 7 p.m.

One day’s journey ended successfully.

Dear friends in Shanghai, if you are interested in cycling, but you are worried about not having a car or being hard pressed to have a car and not being able to haul, why don’t you ask them? The price is affordable, and neither the old nor the young are deceived.

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