World Cycling Day: Ride and enjoy the slow pace of life

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Thank you for your support! Article source: Cycling has become a hobby of many elderly people in Shangqiu.

When environmental protection has become a fashion, cycling has become a scene of its own.

As we all know, cycling, as a happy and healthy way of travel, is a sport that can enable people to fully enjoy the beauty of leisure life and travel process.

September 17 is World Cycling Day.

On September 17, 2017, UN Habitat, UNEP, the World Health Organization, the World Resources Institute and other international organizations joined hands to set up the first global cycling cultural festival.

“World Riding Day” takes the homonym of “about to ride”.

On this day, we call on and advocate residents to pay attention to the sustainable development of the city, try not to drive, choose to ride, reduce congestion and air pollution with practical actions, and feel and love a city by riding, so as to make the city better.

At present, the weather is cool.

It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.

It is a good time for cycling.

On weekends, you can enjoy a slow time away from the noise, either with your family, or with friends for two laps around the Riyue Lake, or in the suburbs.

Tomorrow is World Cycling Day.

Let’s enjoy the fun of cycling together! Low carbon travel has become a fashion for cycling travel, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and is favored by more and more people who love fitness sports.

“Now, more and more people come to buy bicycles.

Many people come to buy bicycles in cars.” The head of a bicycle shop on Kaixuan Road said.

Many young people have also become a member of the cycling army, commuting and hiking by bike.

At weekends, there are many cycling teams in Riyue Lake, Riyue River and Shangqiu Ancient City, and many young parents take their children to enjoy the fun of slow life together.

As we all know, cycling, as a happy and healthy way of travel, can enable people to fully enjoy the beauty of leisure life and travel.

A bicycle, a backpack, simple and environmentally friendly.

Now many cities have established cycling associations and cycling clubs, and Shangqiu also has many such organizations.

More young people will meet and get together through the online cycling club, and then set out together.

You can stop at will along the way, or have a rest in the forest, or stop at the historic sites, relaxed and leisurely.

“The fun of cycling is not self driving travel.

It doesn’t limit time and speed.

It can also help you lose weight and keep fit.

I feel very free riding a bike.” Mr.

Zhang, a cyclist, said.

Riding makes “sunset red”.

“Riding is really good.

Let’s change from” medicine pot “and” medicine basket “to healthy people!” On September 15, Miao Changjiang, an 85 year old member of Shangqiu Sunset Red Riding Association, said happily.

It is understood that the Association was established in early 2005, with only 28 members at the beginning.

After years of development, there were nearly 300 registered members at the peak.

In the past 17 years, the association has organized about 2000 medium and long distance rides, and its members are all over the southern Xinjiang and coastal plateau in the north.

In this sport, they traveled all over the mountains and rivers of the motherland, and also gained happiness and health.

When it comes to the benefits of riding, the members gush, and everyone has many stories to share.

Wang Baoquan, 75, who is the president of the association, said that he had stomach disease and pain in his legs and joints before.

Since he insisted on cycling in 2002, he has made great progress; When Vice President Feng Shaosong rode to Shan County, Shandong Province for the first time, he was so tired that he almost couldn’t move.

Now he can ride 200 kilometers a day; Cheng Liyuan, an 83 year old member, said that he has suffered from colitis for many years and often has diarrhea.

After falling in love with cycling, he now has nothing to do with cold water; Liu Peihua, a member, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015.

The doctor said that he only had a life span of three months, but he did not lose heart.

Instead, he insisted on riding.

Now he is still in good health…

After riding for so many years, everyone agreed that the current environment is much better than before.

“The stones on the road in front of us often pierce the tyres.

Now, whether in rural or urban areas, the roads are wide and flat, which rarely happens.

There are fewer people driving drunk, so we can ride more safely.” Miao Changjiang said.

There are so many advantages to riding with a partner step by step, so what should novices pay attention to when riding? “If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools.” Wang Baoquan said that a better bike is necessary, but the more expensive it is, the better.

Generally, about 3000 yuan is enough.

If you are an elderly person, you can choose the one with assistance.

In addition, you also need some riding equipment, such as riding helmet, riding gloves, riding clothes, etc.

In addition, we should pay attention to traveling together, especially when traveling far away.

It will be safer for everyone to have a care.

Riding is neither a rush nor a poor journey.

He suggested that you ride slowly, enjoy the beauty of nature, and gradually increase your speed according to your physical condition.

Don’t turn cycling into suffering.

He also reminded everyone that abiding by traffic rules is the most basic bottom line for every cyclist, away from electric cars, taxis, buses and trucks.

Cycling is generally divided into groups.

Each group has a leader, a leader and a follower.

Everyone should not exceed the leader, follow the bike too closely, take the lead too quickly, and change lanes at will.

While chatting with riders happily on the road, we should also be alert enough to observe the dynamics of the vehicles and pedestrians in front of us.

In case of an emergency, we can not only respond in time, but also leave enough space for other team members.

For non professional cyclists, he suggested that they can choose to ride in some scenic spots with good road conditions in the city and around the scenic spots.

When riding, do not hang heavy objects on the handlebars, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the direction control during riding..