With the Spring Festival approaching, what are the riding wishes and goals of 2022?

The Spring Festival is approaching.

How many riding wishes have you achieved in 2021? What other riding wishes do you have in 2022? Xiaobian has sorted out several wishes to see if you also have this wish.

Let’s realize it together? 1、 In the new year, I must ride in a planned, regular and enthusiastic way.

We must insist on daily cycling training and exercise to achieve our XXX cycling goal.

Maybe it’s to lose weight, maybe it’s to increase muscle exercise, maybe it’s to provide a good reason for my ideal.

Let me stick to it.

I will put it into action, which will greatly increase your chances of achieving it.

2: Upgrade bike my bike has been riding for many years.

In the new year, my wish is to upgrade my wheel set to make me ride lighter and faster; Some riders want to upgrade their cushions, so that riding is no longer painful and free their buttocks; Some riders are going to buy a gravelbike.

Because the adaptability of gravelbike is better, it can take me anywhere I want to go at present, so that I can ride as soon as I say I can.

Third: COVID-19, which has been riding indoor for the past two years, has changed our life and exercise habits.

Many competitions and cycling activities have been cancelled, and most riding plans have been cancelled or postponed, resulting in reduced riding opportunities.

I’m eager to buy a set of indoor cycling equipment in the current epidemic situation and limited travel today, so that we can continue to ride and participate in an online cycling competition on a different virtual platform.

Fourth: participating in a cycling race is my goal.

I will try to improve my competitive level through continuous cycling and come to a officially registered cycling race.

Whether it’s mountain race or road race, as long as you can have time, participate in those competitions you haven’t tried, compete and complete the competition, it’s better if you can achieve better results.

I will continue to work hard for this goal! Fifth: under the epidemic situation of long-distance riding, the long-distance riding we have always wanted has not been achieved.

We hope to achieve our wish in 2022.

For example, take a trip to Duku highway in Xinjiang to experience the natural landscape and local customs of Northwest China.

Maybe you can realize a round the Taiwan cycling, so that you can feel the feeling of cycling between the sea and the mountains at the same time.

Let these fresh and interesting challenges increase my driving motivation and self-esteem.

Your desire to ride may be great or small.

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