Winter vacation cycling diary in northern Sichuan | day3: the charm of cycling is infinite, and the difficulties “add fuel and vinegar”

In the last issue, teacher Shu Xiaolian and his party rode 68.7 kilometers from Chen Ziang’s reading platform to Yanting Jinkong town.

On the third day, what will they experience and where will they go? Day3.

Jinkong town in Yanting – nanmu town in Nanbu County – Xinzheng County in Yilong (89km + 15km) when we set out today, one line is the National Road and the other is the Township Road, which can be less than ten kilometers.

We all choose the township road at the same time.

However, we made the mistake of empiricism, and this choice made the difficulties beyond our imagination.

In the morning, I set out from Jinkong town in the cold rain in winter.

As soon as I got out of the town, there was a long wangtianpo, which was frightening.

According to experience, climbing uphill is bound to be downhill.

Who knows, one slope is higher than another.

The steep and pothole mountain village path is already narrow, coupled with the rain, it is very difficult to pedal in the mud.

“I say what is this pain in the wind and rain!” We sang as we walked and encouraged ourselves with stories of famous people in Yanting overcoming difficulties.

Lei Zu, who raised silkworms, and Zhao Rui, Li Bai’s teacher, especially talked about Su Dongpo’s good friend, Wen and Ke, who had a bamboo in his heart.

Everyone was more confident.

Unexpectedly, you began to recite Li Bai’s difficult road to Shu.

Even so, more than 40 kilometers of Panshan township road still rode for most of the day.

I’m very worried that I can’t reach nanmu town today.

Fortunately, around 3 p.m., we finally drilled out of the mountain, walked out of the maze of rural roads and returned to the wide national road.

The terrain of northern Sichuan is high in the north and low in the south.

There are nearly 50 kilometers to reach the destination.

Although the slope of the national highway is much slower, it is not easy to ride in the rain.

The raincoat is airtight, and the sweat is stuck on the back.

It’s cold and hot, so it’s uncomfortable.

It gets dark too fast in winter.

In the last 10 kilometers, there are almost no fingers in the mountains.

The closer you get to nanmu Town, the worse the road is.

The big and small vehicles honk their horns and pass by, splashing mud and water.

It’s really frightening! Xiao Wang accidentally threw his car into the mud, which scared me to death! Fortunately, there was no car behind at that time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

Fortunately, we arrived at nanmu town safely in the dark.

But all the hotels in the town are full.

Either they got married and wrapped up the hotel years ago, or the young people who returned home stayed in the hotel.

The whole town was immersed in a festive atmosphere.

There’s no way.

Tumen town is more than 10 kilometers ahead, and I’m not sure there’s accommodation.

I only go to Xinzheng County, Yilong, 15 kilometers south.

Everyone was hungry and cold.

They were exhausted.

They really didn’t have the strength to ride again.

Especially Xiao Wang, it’s very difficult to walk.

We want a ride to the new deal.

However, I can’t find a car for the money.

People in the town are enjoying the festival.

You can’t sleep on the street! It was more than 10 o’clock at night.

Everyone clenched their teeth and worked hard in the bleak wind and rain of the night.

Along the way, we kept calling to each other for fear of who would fall behind.

It made people feel warm on the rainy night in winter! It was already more than 11 o’clock at night when we arrived at the prosperous county with brilliant lights.

Although we were tired, we were ecstatic – covered with mud and water.

We even checked into the international hotel with people and cars, ha ha! Riding is so charming.

Although difficulties always like “adding oil and vinegar”, it has trained my perseverance.

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