Winter cycling weight loss tips tell you!

How to use the effective fat reduction of cycling is a problem that has been concerned by everyone for many years.

Especially the cold climate adds more challenges to fat reduction.

Among various fat reducing sports, cycling is the best choice for fat reduction in winter, because it has little impact on the body, is not easy to get tired, and is very interesting.

Although reducing calorie intake can reduce your weight, the weight you lose includes muscle tissue in addition to fat.

If people only diet, they will become thinner and thinner, but their bodies will become weaker than before, and they will ride slower than before.

Because some dieters even have such a situation: weight loss but body fat rate has increased.

Also, don’t forget that muscles burn fat.

The more muscles in your body, the more kcal you consume.

If the part of weight you lose is muscle, then when you return to your previous eating habits, you will be more likely to gain weight than before.

Ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike more, and say important things three times.

Normally, most road parties burn 40 kcal per mile.

If you ride for 10 hours a week at 15 miles per hour, you can burn 6000 kcal per week.

Does it look impressive? Take your car and go out! Aerobic exercise can hardly stand still about 2 to 3 times a week, while cycling, even if you ride every day, is no problem at all.

Even without “necessary exercise!” Our will can also gradually extinguish fat in our daily life.

Running 10km will be very tiring, but riding a bicycle is a snap.

It is also a good choice to go for a picnic by bike on the rest day.

▲ In various fat reducing sports, cycling is the best choice for fat reduction in winter.

Monthly Fat Reduction Training Guide 1.

Starting Point of Bicycle in Week 1-2 1) 20 minutes of riding every day × The basic meaning of bicycle aerobic exercise with 2=40 minutes is to use a slower beat for a longer time of exercise.

After all, it would be a waste to go home in 5 minutes and 10 minutes by bike once.

Beginners can ride a one-way ride according to their own rhythm, that is, a journey of about 20 minutes.

It takes 20 minutes for a one-way trip and 40 minutes for a two-way trip.

If the weight is 50kg, the kcal consumed is: 10km/h=140kcal, 13km/h=175kcal, 16km/h=210kcal, and so on.

The formula for calculating the consumed kcal is: consumed kcal (kcal)=speed per hour (km/h) × Weight (kg) × one point zero five × Ride time (h).

2) Take a 90 minute long distance ride on the weekend Choose a day on the weekend, and be able to ride a long distance journey of about 1 hour slightly farther, instantly change your mood.

Choose a suitable place for cycling along the park or riverside lane, and you can ride for almost 90 minutes (including the way back) inadvertently.

When you sweat, you should replenish water in time.

Drink a glass of water before riding.

You’d better take a water bottle with you every 15 to 20 minutes.

It is suggested to hold it on Saturday.

The rest of the Sunday is just a good time to cultivate your body and mind at home.

Safety considerations: Bicycles should be driven in non motorized lanes or on greenways.

The lanes with less traffic should be selected as far as possible.

On the sidewalks that can be ridden, pedestrians should also be avoided as far as possible.

▲ Cycling is a thing that can relax people and relieve pressure.


The goal of increasing the amount of exercise in the third to fourth weeks: 1 hour at ordinary times and 2 hours at weekends.

After getting used to cycling, you can gradually speed up and extend the cycling distance according to your own situation.

The goal is to ride for at least one hour every day.

Don’t relax at weekends, and try to keep a 2-hour long distance ride.

In order to avoid fatigue on the way, you should pay attention to replenish water in real time during the ride, or drink some sugar blended functional drinks.

The way to reduce 2kg in one month: 1kg fat is about 7200kcal, and 2kg fat is about 14400kcal.

Can these be reduced within one month? According to the above method, if the average speed is 13km/h in two weeks and 16km/h at weekends, the estimated consumption of kcal is 2695kcal in 14 days, and 7105kcal can be consumed in one month, that is, 1kg of body fat can be reduced.

The remaining 1kg will be reduced by eating together.

It is necessary to reduce 243kcal a day.

The kcal that should be subtracted is 80 kcal per meal.

▲ Set a small goal for yourself and try long-distance cycling on weekends! Here are some ways to reduce kcal intake: choose fresh fish: a can of tuna preserved in edible oil contains 275 kcal, but if it is fresh fish, it is only 150 kcal.

(Reduce 125 kcal) Choose cheese with low fat content: use cheese with 1% fat instead of 4%.

(A half cup can save 40kcal) Reduce starch: when eating rice, pasta and noodles, eat 1/4 bowl less.

(Reduce 45 to 60 kcal) Choose light butter and margarine: ordinary butter and margarine contain 100 kcal per spoonful, but light butter and margarine only have 50 kcal.

(Save 50kcal) Only eat protein: skim the yolk when eating eggs, which can save 50kcal per spoonful.

(Save 50kcal) Eat fruit instead of drinking juice: a normal orange contains 60kcal, but a glass of orange juice contains 110kcal..