Why must I wear cycling glasses when riding?


Avoid light to prevent eye fatigue from weakening the light, absorbing and reflecting ultraviolet rays under strong light and cold and strong light under the sun.

Because in the strong light environment, the sun reflects various rays and strong light on the road or other environments, which will cause eye fatigue, acid and other discomfort.

Common riding glasses are not like sunglasses.

They are basically light colored, and can effectively absorb and reflect rays to prevent eye fatigue.


In the case of windbreak and headwind, it can effectively prevent the eyes from tears in the wind, dry eyes and discomfort, especially in cold winter.


To prevent “snow blindness”, if you ride in snow covered winter everywhere, or in Tibet covered with ice and snow all the year round, the sun shines directly on your eyes after reflecting on the snow, It’s easy “Snow blindness.


Prevent foreign matters from getting into the eyes.

Ride in windy sand or wild conditions, often encounter sand, insects, plant pollen, toxic substances flying into the eyes, etc.


Lens color and function: yellow lens is suitable for use in dim light conditions and at night, reducing the light reflection of the lens to achieve the effect of light enhancement; black lens, anti ultraviolet, filters glare and harmful light to the eyes, and protects Eye protection; Colorless lenses are ideal for foggy or grey weather; Red or orange is the best overall, which can make the surrounding terrain more clear…