Why is cycling a tasteful lifestyle?

Influenced by vanity, cycling is often regarded as the symbol of “the poor” and the pronoun of “the loser”.

Owning a private car and driving is regarded as a sign of success.

Little did we know that this was a costly success.

If you think about the damage it brings to the environment, the pressure it brings to the mind, and the harm it brings to the body, you can clearly see that it is an unhealthy success, a success that has gone beyond the limit, and a pseudo success.

Cycling represents a kind of taste, a healthy lifestyle and a post-modern attitude towards life.

Cycling not only reduces your transportation costs, relieves your worries about crowding and traffic jams, but also can exercise and help you achieve the goal of fitness.

Scientific research also shows that cycling is one of the best tools to overcome heart problems.

Riding a bike can make you happy, and it is a kind of spiritual exile.

Some rich people with vision and wisdom in China have already quietly embarked on this post-modern green road.

Pan Shiyi, a real estate tycoon, has always been able to ride a bike on his way to and from work.

His opinion is: “Riding a bike is not only good for the environment, but also can improve his physical quality.

Start by yourself and contribute to the environmental construction.” Zhang Baoquan, chairman of Jindian Group, basically rode to work every day.

He said, “The traffic jam is almost the same as the time of riding a bike, and you can find many interesting things along the way.” Ni Ping, a famous host, has a book called “The Day of Bicycles”, in which there is a sentence that can be used as a summary of bicycle life: when you are in the midst of it, you will feel that it is like blood running, lively, vigorous, and contains endless potential, as if bicycles also have soul, pulse, and breath…

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is famous for the convenience of bicycles.

The Netherlands has only 15 million people, but there are 16 million bicycles.

There, from ministers, mayors to citizens, they are all cyclists.

Cycling is not only convenient, but also a fashion, a post-modern fashion.

The choice of cycling is the choice of freedom, the choice of cycling is the choice of romance, and the choice of cycling is the choice of taste.

Let’s all be a good cyclist…

Let’s count the tastes of cyclists.

The following is a high summary of cyclists from netizens.


The real cyclist is very real, and never needs to dress up.

When you get on the bike, wear a helmet, goggles, and a turban, no one can see you even dressed up as a fairy.

Many of today’s beautiful women have been artificially processed, from eyelids cutting, nose lifting to breast augmentation and waist girdling, but girls who ride bicycles are original.


People who don’t worry about cycling are better than ordinary people in spirit and perseverance.

When going out to ride a bike, especially for a long distance, they have to bear dozens of pounds of camel bags, and they may live in the open.

However, you don’t need to worry about them.

They will handle it by themselves.


The amount of exercise for value maintenance cycling is very large, which requires people to have good physical fitness.

Because people who often ride bicycles have been exercising, there is no difference between the physique of 40 and 30 years old, and they are not sick, which can save medical and health care expenses and weight loss expenses.


Save money (relatively speaking!) People who don’t ride bicycles like shopping, buying clothes, doing beauty, watching movies and drinking coffee.

People who ride bicycles can wear outdoor clothes for many years, and their hair is also the kind of short hair that is easy to take care of.


Free cyclists enjoy free space for themselves, go out to participate in outdoor activities, not stick to family work, and enjoy a good time on the road.

Of course, the benefits of cycling are not only so many.

It shows that you care about nature and dare to say “no” to the vain consumerism.

Cycling is a kind of taste, a healthy lifestyle, which represents romance.

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