Why don’t you go to the abandoned toilet in the no man’s land when riding the Xinzang line?

Let’s take a look at some real cases.

After seeing these bloody examples, you will know why you don’t enter the no man’s land easily.

On July 30, 2020, the police found a female corpse in Hoh Xil no man’s land.

When the female corpse was found, it almost became a skeleton.

It was preliminarily judged that the female corpse died of being attacked by wild animals.

Personal belongings such as ID cards and student cards were scattered not far from the female body.

According to the documents, the police preliminarily judged that the female body was Huang, a female college student in Sichuan who lost contact not long ago.

Huang loves traveling and likes to travel all over the country alone.

However, this trip made this beautiful girl stay in Hoh Xil forever.

Huang is a senior student at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

He majored in pilots.

It is very difficult for him to major in pilots.

Huang was frustrated in his studies, so he decided to go to a distant place to relax.

Huang is a true donkey friend.

He has a good understanding of tourism.

Traveling in no man’s land is not a temporary brain fever.

A year ago, she came to Africa alone.

As a female pilot to be, she is better than ordinary girls in all aspects, even more than most boys of the same age.

Her psychology, body, courage, physical fitness and pressure resistance are not comparable to ordinary people.

It was such a girl who lost contact with her family shortly after entering Hoh Xil no man’s land.

The last time her family contacted her was on July 13.

On the phone, Huang was in no abnormal mood.

He also told his family to bring some specialties back.

But what surprised Huang was that Hoh Xil no man’s land may be more dangerous than the African prairie.

Even local herdsmen dare not enter the no man’s land rashly.

Huang obviously underestimated the terror of the no man’s land.

She rushed into the no man’s land with some food and tents.

As a result, there was no return.

When the police used the police force to look for it, they only found the dense white bones.

Huang has been killed.

The local herdsmen judged that Huang should have encountered wolves.

On the same day Huang lost contact, the police found another man’s body near the national highway.

The male corpse is a young man after 95, surnamed Li, from Henan.

After resigning six months ago, they came up with the idea of cycling around the country.

Although the family disagreed, they didn’t stop it.

As a result, they regretted their decision for life.

Xiao Li entered Hoh Xil no man’s land in early July.

On July 6, Xiao Li’s circle of friends updated the last status.

“I heard the wolf howl last night.

I’m so nervous and excited!” The local herdsman said that the place where Xiao Li is located is called “wolf called ditch”.

As the name suggests, there are wolves here, and the surrounding environment is very desolate, there is nothing, and the food is relatively scarce.

Xiao Li also joked that he hopes he will not become a “takeout” for wild wolves.

After that, it was not long before Xiao Li’s family could no longer contact Xiao Li.

On July 11, the staff of the nature reserve entered the no man’s land to look for it.

They found a simple tourist tent and some scattered personal belongings.

After careful inspection at the scene, the staff suspected that Xiao Li might have been killed.

The staff immediately called the police, and the police launched search and rescue overnight.

Two days later, in the afternoon, the police found a man’s body in a pond near the national highway, which proved that the man’s body was Li who had been lost for many days.

What is a no man’s land? What are the famous no man’s land in China? No man’s land refers to a long-term idle land, which can be understood as an area not suitable for human habitation.

No man’s land was originally used to define some disputed land.

The word appeared on a large scale during the first World War.

When the two armies confront each other, the area between the two sides is defined as no man’s land, and neither side allows the other to enter this area.

In other words, as long as someone enters the area, war will break out.

It was not until later that it generally referred to uninhabited areas.

There are four no man’s land in China: Lop Nur no man’s land, Altun Mountain no man’s land, Hoh Xil no man’s land and Qiangtang no man’s land.

The four no man’s land areas are distributed in Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang.

It is sparsely populated and extremely mysterious.

It has also become the place that donkey friends and explorers want to conquer most.

Many people hope to conquer this extraordinary place with their ordinary body, but the result is almost unsatisfactory.

However, at present, many expeditions have successfully crossed the four no man’s land, and it is conceivable that it is difficult to cross alone.

How terrible is no man’s land? How difficult is it to conquer? Even if you drive into the no man’s land, the hope of success is very slim.

Firstly, the landform of the no man’s land is different from that of other places.

There are no references and road signs around, so it’s difficult to judge where you are.

The road is not easy to walk.

Think about what it feels like to drive on the country road for a few hours.

It’s more difficult here than the country road.

If you drive for a few days under such conditions, it must not be affordable for ordinary people.

There are marshes and sand pits in the no man’s land.

Once trapped, it is difficult to get out of trouble.

In such a harsh environment, if there is any fault in the car, it is very fatal.

The climate in the no man’s land is bad, the temperature difference between morning and evening is great, and the sudden drop of temperature will cause extreme discomfort.

Another example is the Qiangtang no man’s land with a high altitude, where the average altitude is more than 5000 meters.

Low temperature and hypoxia are easy to suffocate and endanger life.

In addition to the bad weather and environment, there are some uninvited guests.

Of course, for no man’s land, people who break in rashly are uninvited guests.

The place where human beings cannot step is a paradise for animals.

There are many kinds of wild animals here, and most of them can easily take our lives.

The search and rescue team once witnessed four wolves surrounding a wild yak weighing nearly one ton.

The four wolves guarded the place where the wild yak might break out..