Why do men like cycling? Every sentence pokes the heart!

Why do men like cycling? Because we like freedom and advocate adventure, I’m eager to walk freely and stop to enjoy the pleasure of the wind whistling past my ears.

I’m tired.

I’ll stop at any time and take a handful of mountain spring water to wash the wind and sand on my face.

Why do men like riding? “Because I’m sick”, and riding is medicine! There’s no more direct reason why men like to ride? Because I have a dream, a dream of measuring youth with wheels.

I want to walk on the land of the motherland.

I want to meet my brothers who have the same pursuit as me! Why do men like cycling? Because riding let me taste the taste of challenge, long-distance riding, bad environment, muddy road Just want to shout “cool”! Why do men like cycling? Because riding let me learn to insist, from the initial interest into a habit.

Although the road ahead wet my eyes and scraped my skin, I really realized what is “pain and happiness”! Why do men like cycling? Because I’m still alive, riding is not to show anyone, but to prove that I can become a better myself after I pay! Riding – let me meet a better self, then I know that I lived so badly before! Why do men like cycling? For people who really love cycling, they can feel: “it feels best on the road”! This is a kind of spirit, a kind of pursuit.

Sometimes, riding is just one person’s travel, or two people’s mutual companionship, or three people’s Carnival, or the common memory of a group of people! Riding can be exciting, so you don’t need a reason to like you! Riding is sometimes just an excuse.

It’s more about enjoying the feeling of “on the road”!..