Who is the safest person to ride with

Author: Happy cycling – T101 cycling is not only a special form of exercise, but also a special form of tourism.

It contains happiness and passion, pain and suffering, and the bad weather of wind, frost, rain and snow.

No matter what conditions and environment, safety is the most important purpose and must be achieved.

Have you ever thought about what kind of people you want to go cycling with? What kind of people are the safest to ride with? 1、 Everyone with good character must have positive energy.

Be tolerant ❤️ Second, warm-hearted people usually have a very simple heart, have no intention and are kind-hearted by nature.

They often think from the perspective of each other.

Make a good choice…

If you encounter injustice again, you will protest and defend justice with your meager strength.

3、 A person with a sense of responsibility has a principle in doing things.

Will not blindly follow the trend, will not follow others, will not be controlled by others.

Have their own core values, have unswerving faith, consider the consequences and think twice.

4、 Words and deeds are consistent.

A person with a sense of responsibility and responsibility is consistent in words and deeds rather than superficial.

Responsible people are responsible for their behavior.

5、 When people with a sense of riding safety encounter dangers and difficulties again, a responsible person will provide a sense of security to his teammates and guard everyone.


The person responsible for the team has team spirit, is willing to bear the pressure brought by riding, and takes into account the guarantee, so that there is no worry about riding.

Be responsible, dare to take responsibility and do what should be done.

7、 People with good physical fitness can help their teammates camel items, reduce their riding burden, and take care of people in need before and after running..