Which of the 20 styles of cycling do you have?

Last time we counted the “riding stages and grades”.

This time we’re more specific.

Let’s “count the 20 riding styles”.

There aren’t so many riding styles in the world.

When there are many people riding, they will be divided into different schools to see which riding style you belong to [keyboard man] Keyboard man is divided into two types: those without a car and those with a car.

They are very interested in cycling, but they haven’t bought bicycles yet.

They know a little about bicycles through friends’ introduction or online information.

They often mix in cycling forums and groups.

They may not be able to distinguish between mountain bikes and road bikes, or they may be familiar with bicycles But they just didn’t buy a bike.

Keyboard men with cars also exist widely.

They can break the wind for high-speed rail, they can cruise 90, they can challenge 318 24 hours, and there is no impossibility with shuangfeiyan Logitech in hand.

[little vegetable bird] I just joined the cycling team.

I haven’t had enough experience, but my enthusiasm is the strongest.

When you become an old cyclist, you will miss the stupid period when you first entered the pit.

[commuter party] bicycle is the best means of transportation, from home to company to vegetable market A bicycle can always avoid traffic jams and arrive as fast as possible.

[Ranger riding] driving too fast and walking too slowly.

Cycling is the best way to enjoy this beautiful world.

There is no place for cyclists to reach the plains in summer, and there is no scenery from the north.

[punch in family] will set up many wish lists for cycling, such as 24h uninterrupted cycling, Xinzang line cycling, island cycling, Eurasian continent cycling and so on.

Through their own efforts, one by one to achieve their original cattle, do not stop until they are completed.

[data party] it’s the same with all kinds of data, including all kinds of code meters, power meters and riding apps The pursuit of data is crazy.

[big food] it’s their hobby to ride a bike to eat delicious food.

They are the food map.

They know that there are delicious food on the route.

When planning a ride, delicious food always comes first.

[weight loss faction] riding is just to lose weight, just to be thinner.

Have you lost weight after riding for so many years? [equipment Party] they are not technicians.

They are better than technicians.

They can eat instant noodles for the upgraded wheel group for a month.

They sink deeper and deeper in the bottomless hole of playing equipment, but they are happy to ride.

[racing man] we still have to see the strength of cycling on the field.

They are keen to participate in various cycling competitions and go all out every time.

Even if they don’t win the first place, it won’t hurt their enthusiasm, but they will be more brave.

[photo printing party] keep every wonderful riding moment, ride for five minutes, take photos for two hours, repair pictures more than ten times, and send countless articles to the circle of friends.

[Lone Ranger] a person, a car, a road, is a world of his own.

[old driver] old drivers are not necessarily old friends, but they must be experienced cyclists.

When the car breaks down, they can handle it by themselves.

No situation can defeat them on the way.

They know how to ride the safest and how to ride longer.

There is an old driver in the motorcade, such as youyibao.

[persistence group] there is a group of people who can persist, that is, they insist on cycling every day, rain or shine.

This is actually very difficult to do.

If you don’t believe it, you can try and see if you can persist for a few days.

The troubles around you always affect you.

There are really not many people who can ride every day.

[guide passers-by] live map.

With them, you need any map and navigation.

Just ride with them.

[weekend riding] go to work and school quietly during the week.

You get up at the weekend and ride all kinds of bikes.

[blasting party] blasting is fun.

All riding is blasting.

Have you ever blasted your teammates? [masochism] there is a kind of person who rides to look for abuse.

Where the slope is large, you can go there.

If the road is difficult to ride, you can ride there and enjoy sweating and panting.

“4 + 2”: they like the 4 + 2 way and only ride in the most beautiful places.

[teaming mania] keen on teaming up, or going to competitions, or long-distance cycling, or participating in cycling activities, or even teaming up.

[sweeping monk] Maybe they are plain, maybe their bicycles are ordinary, maybe their equipment is ordinary, maybe they don’t like performance, maybe their circle of friends don’t hair, but they often exist like kings, with superior strength and cripple countless people! Topic interaction editor is a commuter party.

What kind are you? Welcome to comment freely in the comment area.

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