Which floor do you belong to when riding in the realm of all?

★ what do you do when you step on your bike? Many people are thinking about this problem.

Some people have a clear answer.

Some people have never thought about this problem, while others have been wondering what they are doing.

In the final analysis, it’s because you don’t know whether you’re going to buy vegetables, challenge yourself, or compete for the world championship.

To put it plainly, what is your bike realm? If you don’t understand the price realm very well, look at the level of the realm below and see what kind of realm you belong to.

★ level1 ride a bicycle to buy a dish and go to the grocery store to buy some oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar.

I think walking is a little far and slow.

It’s practical and convenient to ride a single speed bicycle.

At this time, bicycle is the supplement of your life.

Level2 goes out to ride for 10-20km without paying attention to speed and maintains a good habit.

Level3 when you take cycling as a hobby, you will rise again.

You will cherish your bike.

You are likely to buy a code watch, although it simply records information such as time and speed.

At the weekend, I asked some friends to ride and play together.

You won’t throw your car away.

You will take good care of your bike.

Level4 when you start to participate in various riding activities, you can’t let go of cycling and occupy a very important position in your life.

You will record data, communicate with your riding friends, and post on the forum.

You are in love with cycling.

Level5 when you frequently participate in various challenges, you are in this state.

You should ride at a speed and challenge yourself.

Level6 you will frequently participate in amateur leagues, and can get good rankings, and occasionally get bonuses and prizes.

Level7 you participate in the competition almost every weekend and get a stable bonus.

You are the master of your team.

Level8 you are one of the best players in the Amateur League.

You will get sponsorship and you can live on the bonus.

Train on weekdays, adjust your condition and start playing on weekends.

Level9 you have entered a professional team and participated in professional competitions.

Level10 when you have enough talent, enough diligent training and enough luck, you are likely to become a top driver in the world…