Where can I ride outdoors in Shenzhen? Which of the 10 most suitable routes for outdoor cycling in Shenzhen do you like?

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What do you like to do on weekends? What are the 10 most suitable routes for outdoor cycling in Shenzhen? Leisure routes suitable for young and old: OCT Creative Park – Xiangshan West Street – potofino – graffiti area of Shahe interchange – Shahe Park – east side of Dasha River – Coastal corridor – Happy coast – Oct.

this is a “private route”.

There are fewer cyclists who want to be right, quieter and safer.

Although the journey of the whole line is not long, there are many changes in the surrounding landscape.

You can see the Boulevard in Oct creative park and the seaside scenery.

Suitable for a family to go out and ride.

The whole distance: more than 10 kilometers, 1 hour.

Highlights along the way: as long as you ride once, you will fall in love with the bicycle lane in Oct.

Surrounding consumption: there are many affordable restaurants near Shahe Park, and the whole piece of high-end food, drink and entertainment on happy coast.

Friendly reminder: no matter how safe the road is, you should also wear helmets and gloves.

The route range with literary and artistic style: Meilin direction branch – Hanlin College – Meidong third road – Meiao second road – side entrance of Meilin Reservoir – No.

2 greenway of Meilin Reservoir – graffiti wall – Meilin Ao post station.

Some experienced riders evaluate it as a “ten minute comfortable” riding greenway.

The distinctive feature of this cycling road is that it has a bit of literary style, graffiti walls, road signs with tires and sleepers standing on the roadside, and the post station in the Japanese film kijiro’s summer…

It’s a beautiful road just by looking at the introduction and description.

Difficulty Description: it is relatively soothing.

Although it is located in the mountains, it is part of the “Guangdong greenway” project.

The road condition is good and suitable for beginners and ordinary cyclists.

The whole distance: 12km, within 2 hours.

Highlights along the way: the content of negative ions in Meilin Reservoir makes people greedy.

Peripheral consumption: you can go to farmhouse to eat local chicken and organic vegetables.

Friendly reminder: be careful! There are mountain climbing children here.

The most famous urban greenway route range: Haiya department store Houhai interchange Binhai Avenue (mangrove).

Mangrove is still very famous.

The mangrove area itself has the service of renting bicycles.

You can see the sunrise on the sea in the morning and the beautiful sunset and sunset in the evening.

Seabirds can also be seen when the migration season comes.

The evening is also very suitable, with slight sea breeze and no crowded flow of people.

Difficulty Description: the road here is flat, so you don’t have to worry about the damage of bicycles caused by potholes.

Because there is a special greenway isolation, you don’t have to worry about motor vehicle harassment.

The whole distance: about 7 kilometers in one direction, 1 hour.

Attractions along the way: sea view, birds, mangroves…

Suitable for couples’ night tour.

Surrounding consumption: along the way, you will pass through coastal city and happy coast.

Friendly reminder: some sections are smelly.

You can wear masks and carry headlights at night.

Route range of Yantian District with convenient car rental and return: the bicycle rental service in Yantian District of Shatoujiao Minsk aircraft carrier – Dameisha – Xiaomeisha is very convenient.

It starts the function of car rental at point a and car return at point B.

In addition to the convenience of leasing, the scenery along this route is also very good.

There are seaside scenery along the route and beautiful coastal roads.

A family of three can ride to Dameisha and Xiaomeisha happily.

The whole distance: about 30 kilometers, more than 2 hours.

Attractions along the way: on the sea view plank road, there seems to be a space far away from the earth to look at the sea.

Peripheral consumption: there are a lot of restaurants.

Friendly reminder: many road sections should be parallel to cars, pay attention to safety and have less shade, so it is recommended to take sunscreen measures.

Fresh and comfortable cycling route range: yangmeikeng Ring Road in Nan’ao yangmeikeng luzui villa is like a sea passage.

It is the only sea viewing cycling road in Shenzhen.

Riding a bike in the morning is like catching up with the sun.

The sea breeze in South Australia blows coolly on your face.

Smelling the salty air, it will really be fresh and comfortable all day ~ the whole distance: About 5km, one-way about half an hour.

Highlights along the way: walking with your lover, performing Wen Lan’s song “wind in summer”.

Surrounding consumption: there are many small stalls for renting bicycles on the beach.

There are many places to eat seafood in yangmeikeng.

The seafood is fresh and the price is close to the people.

Friendly reminder: if you want to challenge the difficulty, you can start from orange fishing sand.

Riding between art and nature: Dafen subway station – Dawang village – East Lake Park – Xianhu Park – Liantang this riding path starts from Dafen to the green space at the foot of Wutong Mountain.

It is a great combination from the beginning of art to the end of nature.

Cities and suburbs alternate with each other, with mountains, water and parks.

The old street of Dawang village in the picture has been transformed into an art street.

Riding here, you can also see paintings, sculptures and have a cup of tea, which is very enjoyable.

Difficulty Description: the distance is short, the scenery along the way is good, the road surface is flat, and the riding difficulty is low.

The whole distance: nearly 20 kilometers, about 2 hours.

Attractions along the way: from Dafen to Dawang village, walk freely in murals and sculptures.

Peripheral consumption: fishing and eating farm dishes.

The stewed goose here is unique.

Friendly reminder: it often rains in this section.

Please prepare rain gear.

The route range of the omni-directional Sea View Road: Liantang – Wutong Mountain winding road – Shatoujiao – Yantian – Dameisha.

You can see the sea by riding on the Wutong Mountain winding road.

It is close to the mountain and the sea, and you have a very free feeling.

Most sections of this line can see the sea at any time, and the best riding path overlooking the sea from a high place..