When these pains occur during cycling, adjust in this way

Do you feel uncomfortable when riding? In fact, some minor adjustments can help you solve problems easily.

Here are some suggestions to get your posture perfect.

If you: pain in front of the knee then: possible causes of insufficient leg extension: low seats Possible correction method: follow the instructions of bikefit to find a suitable position, and raise or lower the seats as needed.

If the problem is still unsolved, please consult an expert; It may also be due to other regulatory problems or muscle imbalance.

If you: Neck pain then: you may stretch your neck too much Possible reason: the stand is too long.

The car seat is too far back.

The handlebars are too low.

Fix: Find the problem.

Replace the shorter handle.

Check the front and rear positions of the seats.

Add washers to the handlebars, or choose a shorter handlebar with a larger angle.

Don’t: Push the seat to the front – it will mess up the seat adjustment, causing knee problems If you: low back pain then: you may overstretch.

The back is too heavy, or the muscles in the hips or legs are out of balance somewhere.

Correction method: Try to change to shorter or higher handlebars.

Or strengthen your core muscles.

If you: hand numbness, then: too much weight on the handlebars.

Possible reasons: the cross is too low, the seat is too backward or forward, causing the body to slide forward, and more weight on the arms.

Excessive wrist flexion can also compress nerves.

Correction method: add a vertical washer, or use a higher or shorter vertical washer.

Level the seats.

Hold the handle gently, straighten the wrist, and change the position of the hand frequently.

Spend some money on new belts and gloves.

Don’t: Lower your seat, or you may hurt your knees.

If you have a burning or tingling feeling in your feet, then: locks and shoes don’t fit.

Possible reason: shoes are too tight.

The locking tab is not in the correct position.

Your foot or posture is incorrect, such as varus foot.

Fix: Slightly loosen the laces.

Move the locking tab backward (about 2mm) to redistribute the pressure.

If the problem still exists, use a customized insole or other orthopedic repair device.

If you feel pain or numbness from the car seat, then you need to change your posture or change the car seat.

Possible reasons: The handlebar is too low, so you must rotate your pelvis forward to reach the handlebar.

The seat inclines too much.

The seat is too far back and you sit at the tip of your nose.

The seat doesn’t fit your butt.

Correction method: add washer to improve the horizontal position of the handle.

Level the seats.

Check the front and rear positions of the seats.

Try different seats.

Weight should be supported by the ischium, not soft tissue.

If you: pain in the back of the knee then: possible cause of over stretching of the legs: the seat is too high Correction method: find a suitable position according to the seat height guidance, and raise or lower the seat as needed.

If the problem still exists, consult experts; It may also be caused by other problems…