When the twelve constellations meet cycling What kind of sparks will they make?

When the twelve constellations meet the twelve constellations with different riding characters, they not only have different styles, but also have different riding styles.

Today, let’s see the riding style of the twelve constellations! Aries ride bravely, ride with me, ride with me crazy, I go to pick up my sister, you watch the wind! Aries is a constellation that loves freedom and is full of adventure.

It is brave to try and energetic.

They disdain to compete with you in speed on the way of riding.

Their ultimate goal is to reach their destination all the way.

On the road, they often have too much time to worry.

They rush forward and kill first.

Their super action force and reckless spirit often really make them take the lead all the way! Of course, for Aries, who is full of “explosive romance”, there are two more important things for them, that is to see girls and ride a bike to see girls! The scenery on the way is not important to them.

It’s serious to see girls.

But most Aries have low EQ and don’t know how to speak when they really meet a girl.

However, Aries, who is simple, warm and frank, has a strong determination.

He will not die until he reaches the Yellow River.

No matter how cow B’s slope can stop the pace of brother’s cart.

In addition, for Aries, it’s the most important to have someone to play with him.

Whether it’s a girl or a good friend, having someone to ride with him and ride crazy together is the soul pillar of their riding.

Taurus’ diligent and time-saving Knight walks away by himself.

For our great Taurus, riding time is money! Taurus is an independent, determined, enthusiastic, friendly, patient and responsible constellation.

It is very practical and reliable.

Being slow and methodical is the biggest feature of Taurus riding.

They like to consider everything first, then filter it, and then act.

Mature, steady, pragmatic and loyal character makes them unwilling to accept changing things.

In particular, he is stubborn about time and money.

Wasting every second on the road is a loss to him.

Usually before you start, they even flash far away with people and cars and disappear into the crowd.

You can’t even see the shadow…

Taurus, who pays attention to the quality of life, attaches great importance to the configuration of bicycles, but pays more attention to the price of bicycles! It’s best to configure a cool and value-added car, with the focus on value-added! But don’t think Taurus only values money and is vulgar! Taurus, as a constellation that pays great attention to beauty, sometimes accidentally forgets the cost performance because of the car you see at first sight.

Yes, “just because you see more of you in the car group…”, you don’t hesitate to buy it home! Although Taurus is enthusiastic and likes excitement, they don’t need too many riders.

When things happen, they prefer to fly alone.

After all, “riding friends are more refined than more”.

Gemini wind riders are “as quiet as paralysis and as active as epilepsy.” You don’t need to understand the evil style of our big Gemini! Gemini is a constellation with strong adaptability, wit, agility and likes to be busy and change.

They are active, lively and talkative, intelligent and versatile.

Gemini is also a constellation that likes to be busy and pursue new concepts.

On the road, they often ride their favorite car today and feel that other people’s car is more beautiful tomorrow.

They have ups and downs and often have whims.

They are likely to change their destination temporarily.

Ignore him and let him go by himself.

But these are just the “tip of the iceberg”.

The real face of Gemini is “static as paralysis, dynamic as epilepsy”! The talkative Gemini and you can’t wait to ride the same car as you for the first time, but it’s likely that the next time he meets, he will pretend to look at the scenery and ignore your existence.

But among the riding partners, Gemini is absolutely attractive.

Their changeable and attractive personality is often the “little star” and “pistachio” in the group.

You’re the best cyclist in cancer! Hum ~ that’s clearly my full love for my riders! Cancer is a kind, enthusiastic, sensitive and compassionate constellation.

It has a strong maternal or paternal instinct and strong protective color, but it often makes people feel very warm and stable.

They are born with keen insight, strong moral consciousness and no excessive pursuit of desire.

On the way of riding, their thinking is very single, and they keep repeating “go home for dinner! Go home for dinner!”.

This kind of sensory nerve brain stimulation and then drive muscle movement is the best way to ride…

I hope there is a warm crab in the riding team ~ I need repair tools to find him! Need a tire change! Find him! Need supplies, find him! They are very caring and willing to help others.

No matter what problems arise, he will stand up! For riders who encounter problems they don’t understand, they will do everything in detail, just like treating “their own children”, explain them to you in an all-round way, and keep you loved until you are “Crazy”! But don’t bother crab’s nagging.

That’s their full love ~ love ~ and love ~ ~ ~ Leo soul wind breaking hand ~ little brothers! There is a big brother covering you on the road.

Don’t be afraid! Leo is a sign of humanity, enthusiasm, generosity and leadership, with generous money and open mind.

Leo is self-confident and self-improvement, with extraordinary bearing and great leadership and command ability.

They usually have an aristocratic atmosphere or king style.

Riding on the road is not like riding a bike, like riding a horse.

The wheels are under your crotch and the horse is running nonstop.

This feeling will remind you of the scene of wild horses on the prairie.

There is also a whimsical idea that cycling backwards can also win the first place.

Leo with extraordinary bearing is definitely a trench car family and the only constellation willing to break the wind.

If you want others to see at a glance that he is the leader of the team, even if everyone is tired and becomes a grandson, only he won’t lower his head.

Leo is very righteous.

People in the team have conflicts with others.

Don’t worry, with him, they will never let their own people suffer..