When the rocket girl returned from Thailand, Fu Jing showed her beautiful legs in riding pants, but Wu Xuanyi turned into a “little witch”

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The little friends who have seen “creation 101” should be no strangers to the 11 girls.

After strict selection and cruel elimination, they have achieved their unique light on the stage.

Of course, each girl has a unique flash point, which makes them stand out from the hundreds of girls.

This time, they return from Thailand.

The airport shape also gives people a bright feeling.

Let’s enjoy it.

Let’s take a look at Meng Meiqi.

Her clothes have always been very personalized.

Most of them are in the style of cool and handsome elder sister, which is very commensurate with her nickname of “brother Shanzhi”.

This time, she chose a pair of leopard pants.

It is well known that this kind of animal texture pants is really beyond the control of ordinary people.

Fortunately, Meng Meiqi’s good figure and strong aura hold it.

It is matched with a simple black T.

when she comes with sunglasses, she really interprets “crazy handsome cool bully drag” incisively and vividly.

This time, it’s Wu Xuanyi’s body shape that shines in front of me.

This time, Xuanyi actually turned into a “little witch”.

The hair ornament of the lovely big bow really adds a lot of points to the whole shape, making her smart and lovely convex appear incisively and vividly.

The collocation of the body is also very casual.

A simple printed white T is superimposed with an oversize green check shirt.

The fresh white and green color matching also gives people a bright feeling, which makes her more youthful and beautiful.

Xuanyi is really good at wearing! This time, Yang Chaoyue’s collocation is really very common, but it looks inexplicably good on her.

White T and Cowboy SHORTS stretch the waistline to a certain extent, highlight her long legs, and make her more tall and beautiful.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing for Yang Chaochao this time is the straw hat.

Matching with black and white sunglasses gives her a layer of celebrity and lady style.

Duan aojuan, who has succeeded in slimming down, can really be said to be “reborn”.

This time, she chose the combination of floral skirt and shirt, which not only retains the playfulness and flexibility brought by floral skirt, but also appears very implicit and restrained under the support of shirt.

The shoulder length short hair is tied into a half ball head.

Duan aojuan who smiles at you is really the girl herself! Yamy’s body shape this time is really full of holiday style.

This time, she chose a dark “Grandma’s shirt”, which is quite old-fashioned, and it is still very difficult to control.

Fortunately, yamy’s whole aura is very sufficient, coupled with the blessing of her good figure, which makes her wear the visual sense of runway show, and then match it with a white shoulder bag, When she came with sunglasses, she was really full of energy, giving people a sense of Queen’s vision.

This time, Lai Meiyun, the “little seven”, was also very eye-catching.

She chose a white navel revealing dress.

The partial French style gave her a romantic flavor and made her show a good figure.

Put on a light colored cardigan outside, and suddenly expose her soft and cute attributes.

Match her lower body with a pair of blue straight jeans.

Xiao Qi with a ball head is really presenting the four words “soft and cute” perfectly.

Who doesn’t love such a cute girl? Zining’s style this time can be said to be very tender.

A simple printed white T is matched with a light blue suspender.

The whole body is not too much decoration, but it shows the girl’s breath incisively and vividly.

Of course, the rose pink shoulder strap of this splicing strap pants also plays a role in lighting up the whole shape to a certain extent.

Sunnee is really a cool and lovely girl.

This dress really has her style.

The simple black T-shirt is matched with a pair of black overalls, but the whole black still doesn’t stop her from emitting her beauty.

Of course, I have to say that sunnee is also very good at matching.

She matches a yellow coat outside the black T-shirt, which echoes the little yellow hat, but also weakens the rigid feeling brought by the solid color.

She comes to you with sunglasses in her pocket.

She’s really cool! Li Ziting’s dress this time is also very low-key.

She chose a purple dress with a black cardigan, which not only retains the playful girl feeling brought by the purple skirt, but also gives the whole shape a layer of mature and elegant flavor.

With the blessing of balls and sunglasses, this purple Ting is also very powerful! Fu Jing’s matching is also very eye-catching this time.

She chose a popular item recently – riding pants.

I believe all her friends have heard that this style of pants is legendary.

Only people with excellent figure dare to wear them.

Fu Jing boldly challenged riding pants with her good figure.

She not only looked very good, but also showed a wave of beautiful legs, With a simple black printed T-shirt, long hair and sunglasses, she is really in full swing.

Your sister Fu is your sister Fu! “Little rainbow” Xu Mengjie’s style this time is also very playful and lovely.

She chose a stitched long sleeve with navel exposed on her upper body, and the black-and-white clothes are dotted with a little pink pattern.

Such a clever collocation makes her cool and cute..