When riding, do you breathe with your nose or mouth?

You often encounter the helplessness of being short of breath, out of breath, fast heartbeat, and unable to step on the bike? What on earth caused this? This is actually caused by incorrect breathing when riding.

What is the correct way to breathe? Should I breathe with my mouth or nose? Most riders don’t care much about breathing problems.

In fact, most cyclists are out of breath because they can not supplement the oxygen consumption of muscles during exercise due to insufficient oxygen in the breathing belt during cycling, which causes dizziness, dry mouth, and sweating to varying degrees.

This is the result of not knowing how to breathe on a bicycle.

Today, Xiao Bian will show you the correct breathing method during cycling.

Before riding: Before starting out, you should adjust your breathing by sniffing and exhaling, so that your body can adapt to the movement rhythm in advance.

First close your mouth and inhale deeply and slowly with your nose until you can no longer inhale, then open your mouth and exhale slowly.

After exhaling, close your mouth and inhale deeply with your nose…

Repeat the above operation for 9 consecutive times.

After that, you can start by breathing naturally with your nose for several times.

Riding on a flat road: When you start riding on a flat road, the oxygen consumption of your body will increase.

Using abdominal breathing can breathe more air, thus increasing the oxygen uptake.

You can close your mouth first, put your tongue against your upper jaw, and breathe with your nose.

When you start to breathe in, you should breathe in as deeply as possible.

You should feel that your abdomen is contracting inward, and when you exhale, you should spit out as much as possible.

You should feel that your abdomen is protruding outward.

At the beginning, don’t force it.

Just be aware of it.

When you get used to it, you will do it.

After a while of breathing, you will feel a lot of saliva in your mouth.

Just swallow it.

Don’t spit it out.

After swallowing it, put your tongue on the palate and breathe with your nose.

When climbing a slope: compared with riding on a flat road, rapid inhalation and vomiting requires more physical strength, so more oxygen is needed to provide energy for muscles.

At this time, although the amount of oxygen absorbed by abdominal breathing is large, the slow breathing rhythm cannot meet the demand.

At this time, it is necessary to change the breathing mode.

At the beginning of the ascent, you can use the way of sniffing and exhaling before starting; Be sure to breathe in and out slowly.

When you find yourself breathing more and more quickly, you should speed up the breathing rhythm – close your mouth, inhale quickly with your nose, and exhale quickly with your mouth.

If you are breathing more and more quickly, you might as well stop the cart and adjust your breathing.

During this process, whether you are riding or getting off to push the bike, you must not inhale with your mouth, otherwise your health will be affected.

On the one hand, although the amount of oxygen inhaled by mouth is relatively large, it is easy to inhale worms and other pollutants, and inhaling cold air often causes cough, even diarrhea, which greatly affects the riding experience.

On the other hand, the nose itself has the ability to filter air.

At the same time, the air will become warm and moist after passing through the nasal cavity.

In contrast, inhaling through the nose is more beneficial to the body.

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