When riding an electric bicycle, you should know these safety precautions!

Obey laws and regulations, be courteous, and travel safely and civilized.

If the rider wears the safety helmet correctly, the probability of head injury will be reduced, and it may play a life-saving role in the event of an accident.

This is not only a common sense of safety, but also a safety habit that everyone should develop.

Without saying much, let’s take a look at the safety issues of riding electric bicycles.


Do not buy electric bicycles without CCC certification.

The listing procedures must be checked and registered by the traffic management department of the public security organ before driving on the road.


According to Chinese law, riding a bicycle on the road must be at least 12 years old; You must be at least 16 years old to ride an electric bicycle.


When driving an electric car, you should wear a helmet.

In case of an accident, the helmet can well protect your head from injury.


Before driving an electric bicycle, check the vehicle condition to ensure that the reflective signs are intact and the brakes can be used normally and effectively.


Hold the handlebars with both hands and observe the surrounding conditions; Slow down before turning, reach out for a sign or turn on the turn signal in advance, and do not suddenly turn sharply.


Keep away from moving motor vehicles and avoid being knocked down by suddenly opened motor vehicle doors.


When crossing the intersection or the motorway, you should take the zebra crossing, pay attention to the traffic and get off the bus.


When riding at night, turn on the electric vehicle lights, and do not use the high beam lights or too bright lights.


When driving in rainy days, it is best to wear a yellow raincoat to avoid traffic accidents to the greatest extent.


Obey traffic safety laws and regulations, and drive electric vehicles without running red lights, retrograde, taking the motorway, or answering or making calls.


only one minor under the age of 12 can be carried on a bicycle or electric bicycle…