When riding against the wind, the key is to learn how to save effort!

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The wind greatly hinders cycling, so how to save effort when cycling against the wind? What are the skills of cycling against the wind or uphill? When cycling uphill and upwind: what if you encounter uphill and upwind? Our experience is that we should ride the bike according to the original strength first, and rest several times when we are tired.

The rest time should not be too long each time, just 5-10 minutes.

When driving on the national highway, the slope is relatively small, and it is usually not a problem to go uphill.

When it is difficult to climb a steep slope, you can take a zigzag line, which can reduce the slope.

Sometimes I can’t ride on the steep slope, and even the car will retreat.

What should I do? At this time, you don’t have to be afraid.

Those who ride a variable-speed car can slow down and go up slowly, and those who ride an ordinary car don’t have to worry.

My experience is to lift and pull the handlebar with both hands upward, so that the legs can pedal down more effectively.

At the same time, the center of gravity of the body moves forward, and the soles of the feet also move forward from the pedal.

Touch the pedal with the part close to the heel, so as to make it easy to force, and then press the lower legs with the thigh, Pedal directly through the foot.

In this way, with the help of body weight and thigh, the force can be directly transmitted to the bicycle pedal through the lower leg and foot root (the use of toe and sole will disperse the force and make the sole tired), so as to enhance the pedal strength, and the car will slowly go uphill and will not retreat.

Of course, in this case, cycling is the most tiring.

Everyone should do according to his ability.

Pay attention to safety when walking up the “zigzag” shape.

The slope is often the steepest at the transition, and pay attention to the traffic.

When you can’t ride on a steep slope, you should get off and rest for a while before you go on.

The elderly and the weak should get off and carry out.

Climbing the slope is very tiring and requires people’s physical strength and perseverance, but it can make bicycle travel more interesting and aftertaste.

Once you climb the top of the slope, you can have a unique enjoyment.

It’s the most troublesome thing to encounter headwind when traveling by bike.

Although it’s difficult to go uphill, the next step is to go downhill, which can be relaxed for a while.

Sometimes it’s not easy to ride when the headwind goes downhill.

At this time, you can lower the handlebar or bend your arms.

You can also be reliable under the handlebar and lower your head to reduce the center of gravity of your body, so as to reduce the resistance of the wind.

When you lower your head and narrow your vision, you should always pay attention to safety, especially in case of transverse headwind.

You should pay attention to the traffic, because at this time, whether the traffic in front or behind, especially large trucks, will make the bicycle move left and right, which is prone to accidents.

Moreover, at this time, due to great physical consumption, people are very tired, and their hands and feet are not as flexible as usual, which is prone to accidents.

I hope motorists must pay attention to safety.

Generally, you can ride in the upwind of level 6, and rest should be considered in the upwind of level 8 or above.

Downhill and downwind cycling: downhill and downwind are the most comfortable enjoyment in bicycle travel.

At this time, the fatigue of uphill has long been thrown away.

Sometimes you can take a train for several kilometers without pedaling.

However, pay special attention to safety when encountering steep slopes, bends, uneven ground, or sudden escape of vehicles and pedestrians.

At this time, you should hold the brake from the top of the slope to avoid being caught by surprise.

At least you should brake at the bottom.

When you encounter a steep slope, you should be careful even if the road is wide and flat at a glance.

I have encountered two situations.

One is that there may be small stones on the road and I can’t see them at first.

When I see them, it’s too late to avoid them.

At this time, the speed is very fast and sharp turns are more dangerous.

Second, when the car arrived at the foot of the mountain, there was a sudden cross wind in the mountains.

The bicycle fluttered left and right at high speed, which was difficult to control.

I hope riders will be vigilant about this situation.

Check the brake shoe frequently.

If the brake shoe is defective, adjust or replace the brake shoe in time.

Don’t wait to wrestle before you know you’re afraid.

I hope new riders on the road don’t “eat for a while before they know how to grow wisdom”.

Riding is a pilgrimage for devout people.

It is a kind of hard practice and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what is the meaning of riding? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of reaching the destination? Maybe not.

In the heart of everyone who loves cycling, cycling has different meanings.

It may be a feeling of life, a self breakthrough, a pursuit of memory, or a honing of growth.

However, no matter how it appears in people’s hearts, it is the endorsement of a healthy and upward lifestyle.

The process of riding may be very hard and tired, but we always insist.

Even if we are very tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, but also the meaning of life.

The old wolf editor once said that it had a very awesome name – omnipotent charge, but now it can’t charge anything.

So, don’t take your past too seriously.

The world is changing, you remain the same, and you can only be eliminated in the end…

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