What style is the most free “cycling life”?

“The cycling lifestyle has become popular, but do you know how to wear it?” In the past, people rode bicycles to get to their destination faster; Now, people ride bicycles to blend into the city and nature more slowly.

Not only because of the concept of health and environmental protection, but also because of the “congestion of life”, more and more people fall in love with the “riding”, a more chill way of life, to dredge the channel for themselves.

Of course, cycling itself is not the ultimate goal, but as a way of travel that can better reflect the real breath of our life, it makes everyone deeply feel the “length” and “width” that have not been touched in the daily life space.

In a comfortable afternoon, you can walk in rows of urban streets.

Instead of planning a specific route, you can draw a map of surprises everywhere.

You can also explore all forms of outdoor sports centered on riding behavior.

You can add riding methods on the basis of Glamping, Frisbee, camping, etc.

to go further, bring three-dimensional and rich outdoor experience, and achieve immersion in nature.

From busy traffic to secluded trails, cycling further helps us realize the lifestyle of “no difference between city and nature”, and injects diversified inspirational visions into life.

The “cycling life”, which further breaks the boundary between urban and outdoor life, is loved by young people from all over the world.

If cycling is regarded as a story line in life, every street and mountain we arrive at is a chapter of different experiences.

The urban outdoors are colorful in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

A free heart and a bicycle are our strokes of adventure.

At the same time, “cycling clothing” is a style that unfolds around the cycling life, and it is also a topic that can never be bypassed in the story, because it not only reflects a more healthy and practical aesthetic value, but also because the three are closely linked.

Proper clothing not only facilitates our cycling activities, but also helps us to release our enthusiasm for freedom in different scenes of cycling life.

Since we don’t focus on quickly reaching the destination, but slow down to experience the diversity of life, it means that our “riding style” needs to be separated from single racing riding products.

In fact, it is not difficult to find that more and more young people who love cycling life will choose functional pieces that can create the best experience in various occasions according to the variety of scenes they arrive at, forming a set of neat style logic that simplifies complexity.

The core of this is the GORE-TEX functional fabric brand, which is our escort.

It is precisely because of its existence that it makes it possible to simplify the complex style and explore the diversified experience of cycling life under the support of relevant styles.

Recently, Nike and GORE-TEX launched a new winter 22 product aimed at the current winter cycling lifestyle of young people and multiple scenes of their arrival, which is an option worthy of special attention of all young people who love cycling life in winter.

Nike and GORE-TEX brand launch new 22 winter products 01.

How does GORE-TEX brand create the best experience of winter cycling life? Different climates in the north and south shape different landscapes of our winter cycling life, which has different fun, but also challenges our style protection.

For example, the rain and snow weather in the north is facing greater wind intensity challenges, while the humidity in the south is high, which is more likely to cause people to lose heat.

Although there is a difference between “dry and cold” and “wet and cold” between the north and the south, which requires that our style of riding life should be adapted to local conditions and make music according to the time, the logic behind the actual functional protection is the same, and both of them need to achieve the purpose of keeping warm through windproof, waterproof and breathable.

GORE-TEX brand, which has continued to innovate in fabric technology since its birth, has brought countless possibilities to the field of performance and outdoor clothing with revolutionary film fabric technology.

GORE-TEX film, known as “the second layer of human skin”, has 9 billion micropores per square inch.

Each hole is smaller than a water drop and larger than water vapor.

It can ensure water resistance while allowing rapid evaporation of water vapor.

The reticular film structure similar to the dense jungle can also effectively block the passage of wind, so that the product has the function of lasting wind protection.

With the functional effect of wind proof, waterproof and highly breathable, it can ensure that the thermal insulation filler materials always remain dry and fluffy, so that the thermal insulation effect is not discounted.

GORE-TEX brand ensures that our bodies are warm and dry in winter cycling life.

The principle of GORE-TEX 2L technical functional clothing shows that for the convenience of riding, our style matching should also pay attention to avoiding bloat.

GORE-TEX brand film technology, on the basis of all-round high performance, has also achieved outstanding lightness highlights, which not only protects us, but also reduces the weight for style matching, enhances comfort and extensibility, thus helping us swim farther.

Before entering our life, every fabric of GORE-TEX brand has been rigorously tested to simulate different bad weather and environment to ensure that it can provide stable and long-term protection at any time and under any conditions, which is the source of its power to simplify our cycling life.

Whether you are in different cities in the north and south, you can ride around every corner of the city’s fairs, exhibitions, record stores and flower shops every day, or you can ride outdoors to participate in music festivals, camp activities, Glamping, Frisbee, hiking and other activities.

GORE-TEX brand has created the best outdoor travel experience for us..