What should I pay attention to when riding on the plateau?

Why not take a bath immediately after drinking? How much is the harm of taking a bath when drunk? Under all normal conditions, the glucose storage in the liver can maintain the needs of human body temperature.

If you take a bath immediately after drinking wine, the glucose stored in the human body will be rapidly lost due to the acceleration of blood circulation caused by hot water.

At the same time, ethanol inhibits all normal physiological activities of the liver, causing the body’s glucose storage to be unable to be replenished, so it is very easy to lead to fatigue, hypoglycemia and shock, and even serious harm to life.

Relationship between liver and glucose after glucose is absorbed by the intestine, the first place to enter is not the blood of the whole body, but into our liver with the portal vein.

With the help of insulin, the liver packs and compresses part of glucose through the action of some specific enzymes to synthesize liver glycogen one by one, which is stored in the liver.

In this way, it can not only reduce the content of blood sugar, but also prepare for a rainy day.

The remaining glucose will be output from the liver, re-enter the blood and supplied to the whole body.

When we work, live and exercise, blood sugar is consumed a lot.

When the glucose in the body is not enough to ensure the normal life activities of the human body, the liver glycogen will be released and re decomposed into glucose into the blood under the action of enzymes.

After drinking, the liver is busy converting alcohol into acetaldehyde, and then acetaldehyde into acetic acid.

Acetic acid turns into water and carbon dioxide and is discharged from the body.

Acetaldehyde remains in the body to cause damage.

At this time, the liver has no time to convert into lost glucose.

How long can I take a bath after drinking? It’s best not to take a bath immediately after drinking, because drinking will cause the expansion of the capillary in the whole body.

Taking a bath immediately may cause the wind, cold, low resistance, further expansion of the capillary, fever, cold, temporary hypotension and so on.

It is recommended to take a bath after 2 hours of drunkenness, which also depends on the amount of alcohol.

If you drink a small amount of alcohol, take a bath after resting for 30 minutes.

If you drink too much, it is best to delay the bath time.

The temperature when taking a bath is not suitable for being too high or too low.

It is best to be close to or slightly higher than the body temperature.

On May 14, 2021, a self driving tourist took a bath after drinking in a hotel in Zuogong.

The next day, the waiter found him dead in bed When people sweat when taking a bath, the alcohol content in the blood will increase.

Hot water promotes the blood circulation speed.

In addition, the expansion effect of ethanol on skin blood vessels may also lead to physical overdraft or shock, and even death in more serious cases.

Taking a hot bath causes the blood pressure to rise.

Ethanol enters the body, excites the cerebral cortex and heart, accelerates the blood circulation system, and takes a bath immediately after getting drunk.

Under the stimulation of hot water, the blood pressure will rise further, the blood pressure will rise sharply, and the heartbeat will soon cause fainting.

If you are a patient with high blood pressure, you may also have a stroke.

Cold water bath produces muscle contracture.

After drinking, the whole body gets hot.

If the cold water bath, the hot human body suffers from the stimulation of cold water, it will cause the muscles and blood vessels to collapse greatly, and even produce muscle contracture.

In a word: the plateau itself will cause the blood pressure to rise to a certain extent.

Drinking will cause vasoconstriction, and the blood pressure will rise again.

Bathing after drinking will cause the blood pressure to rise again.

Bathing accelerates the loss of glucose, resulting in hypoglycemia, while the liver has no time to convert and supplement the glucose urgently needed by the body because it has to deal with alcohol.

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