What kind of misunderstanding about cycling is most unacceptable to you?

Over the years, riding outside has always encountered onlookers and all kinds of problems.

For people who don’t know how to ride, they also have all kinds of misunderstandings about riding.

Some of the remarks are particularly evil.

Today, let’s talk about the misunderstood highlight moment! 1.

You have hundreds of cars? This misunderstanding comes from the previous understanding of bicycles.

They think that bicycles are expensive if they exceed hundreds.

In fact, there are many kinds of bicycles, different configurations of different types, and some are more expensive than cars.

Of course, the little partners don’t have to defend.

In this case, others can say as much as they say.

But don’t touch my car.

It’s really expensive, okay.


How tired is cycling? It’s not as comfortable as riding an electric car? Electric cars only cost more than 2000 yuan.

The bike you bought for tens of thousands is so light.

It’s really a loser.

It’s so tired to step on it by yourself.

It’s not as comfortable as an electric car! First of all, there is no comparability between the two.

There are many purposes of cycling.

You can exercise, relax and challenge yourself One is a walking tool, the other is sports equipment.


There are so many things to wear when riding a car? Many people think that wearing riding clothes and helmets is equivalent to being forced.

Can’t you ride well without these? Besides, wearing these is really troublesome.

Wearing a riding suit close to the body and revealing all the contours of the body is not just because it looks good, but if you want to reduce the wind resistance and ride faster, you can only wear it naked.

In addition, the material of riding clothes can also facilitate perspiration and quick drying, and the riding pants also have the function of protecting the ass.

Bright riding clothes are also easier for drivers to notice themselves.

Wearing riding clothes brings more safety and health than wearing B4.

Do you ride around all day and don’t do business? Since I have been cycling everywhere, many people think I have a lot of free time.

Some people even say bitterly that you are so natural and unrestrained, play everywhere and don’t have to work.

Here, we solemnly declare that we are not idle, we also have to go to work, and even work overtime no less than you.

We have endless work every day.

We have time to cycle only on weekends or holidays.

Therefore, as long as you like the same sports, time can be squeezed out.

You don’t have to envy us all the time.

As long as you like, you can do it yourself.


Cycling to Tibet, you are mentally ill! You went to Tibet by bike.

Isn’t there a train? The plane is also very convenient.

There must be something wrong with your brain because the road is so far and dangerous.

That’s right.

In the process of riding, you will find that you can’t find any stimulation except a slight pain in your ass every day.

It’s really bothering yourself.

In fact, this is a test of our will and a challenge to our physical endurance.

The hardships on the road enrich us, and the experience on the road makes us grow.


Does cycling affect sexual function? Do you have prostate problems when you often ride a bike? Will you YW? I’m afraid this one is the most unbearable for boys!!!! Although many studies have listed some examples of the impact of cycling on male sexual ability and sperm, most of these research results are based on the research of cyclists, and athletes practice almost every day to have a little impact.

Let’s not mention this amount of exercise.

In fact, according to the latest research, cycling belongs to systemic sports, which is beneficial to the overall health of the body and enhance the physique.

Correct riding posture and proper cushion height Angle Not only does it have no effect on the body, it can also enhance that function.

Well, have you encountered these misunderstandings on the way? Or what misunderstandings have you encountered? What is the last thing you can stand?..