What kind of headphones do you wear when riding? Best sports bone conduction Bluetooth headset brand ranking

Whether in ear or headset, the sound of traditional headphones is directly facing the ear.

Bone conduction headphones transmit sound waves through skull vibration.

Compared with the sound wave transmission mode of traditional headphones, bone conduction headphones can reduce the burden on the ear and reduce the ear damage caused by wearing headphones for a long time to a certain extent.

If you are interested, you can see the following useful bone conduction headphones.


Nanka runnerpro3 bone conduction Bluetooth headset is not very famous, but it is a behind the scenes technology in the field of bone conduction headset.

It began to develop bone conduction headset that does not hurt the ear as early as 2012.

With its original full vibration directivity technology, it became famous in the field of bone conduction and won the strong recommendation of the majority of otologists! It has also passed the effective certification of clove doctor team.

This bone conduction headset is also equipped with Nanka AF full shock directional vibrator, which can effectively improve the vibration area of the vibrator by 35%, optimize the sound transmission direction and make the music more spatial.

Nank Nanka has always been user-centered in brand design.

This Nanka runnerpro3 is based on the feedback of previous users and the 8000 Asian ear database collected by Nanka in the past.

Through continuous improvement, this product can adapt to the wearing of the vast majority of Chinese people and make it more comfortable to wear.

In terms of configuration, Nanka runnerpro3 also has built-in 16g body memory, supports ipx8 waterproof, and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2.

As the core technology of Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth 5.2 has a good improvement in the functional experience of the product, lower delay and stronger anti-interference ability, which can reduce the occurrence of Bluetooth drop by 87%.


The price of Youle life me-200 bone conduction and protection earphone is relatively low.

This model is IP66 dust-proof and waterproof, and supports the function of intelligent one to two.

It is very convenient to use two devices.

One listens to music and the other answers the phone.

Youle life me-200 bone conduction guide listening headset has only one button to cover all functions.

Although one button operation is simple and convenient, sometimes if you want to answer the phone, it is very inconvenient to turn one button delay into refusing to listen to the phone.

The charging method of magnetic suction is better waterproof, but the charging line of magnetic suction is relatively short.

When charging, the line is not long enough.

It is very inconvenient to adjust the position.


Shaoyin as800 bone conduction earphone Shaoyin as800 bone conduction earphone has a good reputation in the brand of bone conduction earphone.

It has ipx67 waterproof Shaoyin as800 and Bluetooth version in 5.0.

It is made of skin friendly silicone material and has no sense of pressure.

On the whole, it still has a relatively good use experience.

The poor sound quality of the previous generation of bone conduction headphones has also been greatly improved in this generation.

The weight of as800 is only 26G.

Compared with the weight of traditional bone conduction earphones, this weight is still relatively light, but compared with the weight of the previous generation, this one is slightly heavier, that is, when wearing this one, there will be a sense of shaky body instability, which may be due to the poor head circumference of some people.

Although the sound quality has been improved, it is not the best sound quality, which needs to be improved.


Nanka runnercc2 bone conduction Bluetooth headset runnercc2 headset adopts a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 chip combined with ceramic antenna + signal enhancement, which makes the signal transmission more stable and faster, has stronger anti-interference ability, and can be connected stably even in the case of many obstacles.

Combined with the patent of Nank sound leakage elimination technology, the sound leakage is greatly suppressed, the closed structure optimization technology, and the back is designed without holes and gaps to avoid the sound amplification of speakers.

The combination of software and hardware can control the sound leakage, listen to the song without disturbing people, and have no scruples when talking.

The headset can also be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, which can realize seamless switching, multi task processing and no pressure.

The only disadvantage is that the key operation requires the thumb and index finger to operate together…