What kind of bike do you belong to?

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Even today, with very developed means of transportation, bicycles can still be seen everywhere.

There are many riders in both prosperous cities and rugged villages.

The purpose of cycling is nothing more than sports, leisure, or walking.

Which one do you belong to? Sports cycling groups whose main purpose is sports are very easy to distinguish.

They usually wear colorful and professional cycling clothes.

Crotch bicycles are very expensive and eye-catching.

There will be some purposeful training for competition.

The topic between each other is often that there is a new race somewhere, or some new bicycle components have been found.

Fitness groups aiming at fitness are similar to the above groups.

The difference is that such people don’t care about bicycle accessories and don’t pay much attention to the news of the competition, because cycling is for health.

Not athletics.

The prominent feature of pragmatism groups is that they ride back and forth between their homes and companies every day.

Bicycles are obviously a means of transportation.

Their weekend riding preferences can be seen from the type of bicycles, such as sports riding road bikes, and those who like to travel riding travel, but most of them are mountain bikes and mixed use bicycles.

Leisure groups are very large and difficult to define, because they have no special clothes, no fixed models, often on a whim, wandering alone in a single lane, forest trails or cruising in groups.

Just to enjoy a moment of peace.

What category do you belong to? Did Xiao Bian get up in the morning and find it raining and traffic jam, so he casually fished out a shared bike on the roadside and finally arrived at the company one minute before work? Recommended reading: mountain bike purchase guide.

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It’s time for you to ride a bike! Riding should not be excessive.

It is easy to cause harm to the body.

There are so many benefits you don’t know when cycling.

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