What is riding? Why ride?

Riding is lonely.

Because of loneliness, I chose to ride.

I took my lonely heart on the road and stayed with the quiet nature.

My heart was particularly calm and peaceful.

The car kept moving forward and my heart kept moving forward without any retreat.

The sound of the friction between the wheels and the ground sounded like soft soft soft soft music.

I think a person’s life should also be like the wheel of a bicycle.

As long as you step on it, you will move forward all the time.

There is no reverse gear, only forward.

“Being a man should stand loneliness”.

If you don’t have a heart that can stand loneliness, you can’t insist on riding.

Similarly, if you don’t have a heart that can stand loneliness, you can’t maintain the peace of life, it will appear irritable, impulsive, and then you will hate life.

Riding is painful.

Because of the pain, I chose to ride for a long distance, which seemed to be self abuse to my body.

My colleagues around me looked at me and thought I was sick.

I have been asking myself, “would I ride without such self abuse and unforgettable pain?”, I don’t think I will.

Riding is precisely because of this sense of pain, there will be a sense of achievement to conquer this pain.

Every progress in life is accompanied by pain.

Every success is because of conquering pain, so is riding.

Riding is beautiful.

Because of my beauty, I choose to ride.

In the gentle wind, I step on my feet rhythmically and release my mood.

What I see is infinite scenery.

I am accompanied by nature and integrated with nature.

My soul will also be purified.

Sometimes I hope to ride like this.

I hope life will never end.

The scenery brought by cycling is incomparably beautiful.

More importantly, it makes us feel that the world of life is also incomparably beautiful.

It is precisely because of this mentality that we will become enthusiastic, tolerant and enterprising, and then make life incomparably beautiful.

Riding is happy.

Because of happiness, I chose cycling.

Without cycling, we took the same road every day, stayed at the same intersection, sat in the same office, doing the same work, mechanical repetition and repetition.

With cycling, all this has changed: the road has become broad, the sky has become bright, the clouds have become colorful, and people have become spiritual…

Many riders like to take photos and take pictures of the beautiful scenery they see on the way, but I think even if they take photos, they just take pictures of the scenery they see, and can’t take pictures of the happy feeling of riding in their hearts.

Riding is optional.

Because at will, I choose to ride, step on it if I want, and stop if I want.

I like this kind of freedom.

I can control and indulge my mood at any time.

It is also a great pleasure in life.

What else is better than random life? On the way of riding, the important thing is not the flying body, but the mentality of flying freely.

What we need to talk with sunny mountains and join hands with scattered clouds is a casual mood.

I think we can’t feel this casual feeling brought by cycling without cycling.

Life is like riding a bicycle: you always have to meet several mountains, climb several ridges and turn several corners.

In this process, there are strong winds, rainstorms and lightning.

If you are not careful, your life will be in danger.

Only keep your head up, face difficulties, open your eyes, look ahead, work hard and move forward bravely.

“How far is the heart, how long is the road!”, The road of life is endless.

The road of riders is endless.

The determination of riders to conquer difficulties and move forward is also endless.

As long as there is a road, there will be riders, no matter how high the mountain, how long the ridge and how urgent the bend.

I would like to be a real cyclist with no regrets.

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