What has cycling changed you?

We get together because of the common hobby of bicycle, and we may sometimes change our ideas of doing things because of this hobby.

What changes have been brought about by the emergence of bicycles? 1、 Be strong.

When riding on the road, they don’t know when they will fall, but they are always ready to get up after falling.

Cyclists are the strongest people.

2、 Enjoy life.

They usually go for a ride on their favorite bicycles.

It seems that there is nothing more important than life in the world.

Cyclists are the people who can enjoy life most.

3、 A good way to pass time is to pass time.

Whether you go out for a ride, tinker with accessories, or even sit around and enjoy it, you will have endless fun.

It’s no exaggeration to say that friends may be unhappy when they ignore you, while bicycles are always there when they know what you want.

4、 The most energetic and passionate life has become full of passion.

The former otaku man is definitely not at home on weekends and during the day.

Physical fitness, especially cardiopulmonary function, has been improved a lot.

They can pick up the map and ride their beloved bicycles just because of a simple dream, as if there is no place in the world where they can’t reach, and cyclists are the most energetic and passionate people.

5、 The most aggressive people will never be satisfied with the configuration of their bicycles at home.

They start to economize on food and clothing and buy new equipment for themselves.

Cyclists are the most aggressive people.

6、 I prefer to go out for a walk when I have a bike.

I went out for a walk on holiday, and then one day I rode the Sichuan Tibet Line nervously.

Last May, the car was stolen, but there was no car.

The weight soared, and the physique plummeted.

I had the idea of buying a car again.

This time, I bought a cheap one! 7、 On their most romantic wedding ceremony, there is no luxury car, only two rows of long bicycles swagger across the market, but they give you happiness that no one can match.

The cyclist is the most romantic person.

8、 Enjoy the joy of surpassing, and finally surpass Lamborghini Ferrari in the traffic jam.

9、 He loves his family most and will teach his children to ride bicycles.

On weekends, he will take his family out for a picnic by bike.

10、 It can be eaten.

The range of activities has been greatly increased.

You can go to the suburbs to climb mountains and pick oranges to eat.

You can go to the nearby urban areas to drink chicken soup.

You can go to the nearby urban areas to eat authentic pig’s feet.

You can go to the nearby urban areas to eat authentic beef noodles.

The daily topics in the group of cyclists are: Hey, I found a delicious xxx.

We rode there at the weekend.

I know a place where xxx is especially authentic.

I will take you to wait next time by bike.

11、 They know that they are vulnerable groups on the road in the best of times, so they will take protective measures every time before riding a bike.

They never rush to the road with motor vehicles, and cyclists are the most vulnerable people in the best of times.

12、 Before you buy a bike: games, anime, house.

After buying a bike: ride the flat road – ride the mountain road – run – run the mountain road – run the mountain road in the day and ride the mountain road at night.

13、 If there is something wrong with their car, they will find out.

If their beloved is in a bad mood, they will try to make her happy.

The cyclist is the most careful person.

14: If you can get there within an hour on time, you must get there within an hour.

15、 The most optimistic thing is to ride a bike to the outside to blow the wind, and all the troubles will disappear, and then say to yourself: There is no obstacle in the world that can not be overcome, and cyclists are the most optimistic people.

16、 It’s great to release pressure easily! It’s like being under great pressure or trouble, but when you step on your feet, you forget everything when you hear the wind blowing around your ears.

It’s better than being drunk.

It’s similar to standing on the basketball court and sweating.

There is a strange rider greeting you on the road.

Although he passed you by, he was really excited beyond words.

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