What happened to those who rode in Tibet at the beginning?

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In many people’s minds, Tibet is like a kind of poison that makes people uneasy in this life.

Some people also say that Tibet is more like an addiction that makes people go there and never quit.

Many people have ambitious ambitions, put on their bags, ride on their bicycles and never return to the road to Tibet.

Finally, they found that Tibet is really a place that can change people.

Not only can the mind be purified, but also the appearance can be “purified.” Before his thorough entry into Tibet, he was an urban elite in suits and leather shoes.

After his entry into Tibet, his face was full of stubble.

How powerful is it to feel that his face is not clean and live away from the vicissitudes of life? You can even see how the whole process of human degradation.

You may not believe that it is difficult to drive a car without wearing red gloves? Or is the life of the rich tired? How long does it take Su Daqiang from a handsome boy to a furrowed brow, long hair and elegant hair to have plastic surgery? “50 days…

it’s no use.” Do you want to ride to Tibet to make sure you are completely changed inside and outside? The key is no money.

Hey, guys upstairs, look at us, 10 days, 10 days at most can’t be more When Sunshine Literature and Art Boys fell in love with Tibet, another “Metamorphosis” was added to the world What a shameless hero.

Those days when he lost his burden in Tibet, he was so happy and happy.

Before he read a little grievance from his weather beaten face, he was like an elite person who went to Tibet.

He always exuded a simple stupidity from the inside out, and somehow some smiles.

Only in Tibet is more sincere.

Some young people can see the nature of simplicity But when I went to Tibet, I could immediately return to the original shape.

The delicate little sister became careless after coming to Tibet.

How could she be a spiritual boy before she went to Tibet and walked around.

I can only see that she was a boy.

Look at the evil spirit’s smile at Tibet: Don’t laugh too early.

Do you understand what it means to do as the Romans do when in Rome? Show us how to say it.

I’m a little afraid of my coming home.

My mother always wants me to be here before leaving When I came to Tibet, I found that my potential was still worth digging.

Before I went to Tibet, “Handsome guy, add a WeChat”.

After I went to Tibet, “Hey, brother, facial mask is either” beautiful “.

Before I went to Tibet, who was not a little fresh meat? After I went to Tibet, Uncle Benshan is the ultimate destination of men.

He must have a sacred belief to kowtow his head to Tibet.

What kind of adventure can make a cool handsome boy change into the same glasses as his foolish son, The expression of the same style forgives me, but I don’t know how to describe it.

Maybe this guy has provided a new way to lose weight.

Brother Sharp is nothing.

As long as you ride all the way to Tibet, you are more sharp than him.

When the suit sports car comes back, the vicissitudes of life are mottled.

It’s hard to look directly at our school.

Give me back.

The handsome chasing youth is not only a boy.

Every girl who bravely goes to Tibet deserves to be “favored” Above is my freshman sister, and below is my half month long ride on the Yunnan Tibet line.

Once upon a time, I was a young man with talent and beauty.

Who wanted to be beaten back to the original shape on the way to Tibet, I’m afraid it’s more beautiful than Wu Jingdu’s clothes or that clothes, but it turns into a dark, silly elder sister.

Before going to Tibet, she was a little girl who liked plush toys.

After going to Tibet, she could be happy with a bowl of instant noodles.

Before going to Tibet, she looked very sweet with her curved crescent eyes.

After going to Tibet, she was a little black girl who was giggling and who was a little lonely.

Then she dragged herself into Tibet to be ugly and ugly together.

Neither of us should be disrespectful of each other It has been proved that whether you are Gao Fushai or Bai Fumei, if you choose to ride in Tibet, you are ready to face the storm Does watermelon smell bad? How long can it change a person’s temperament in Tibet? Fifty days is enough.

Sure enough, there is only one face difference between the cute and the stupid.

What can I do when all the bulls are blown out? Alas, I finally understand that sentence.

Once I go to Tibet, I miss my life, and then I am a passer-by…

Finally, the outdoor eyewitness just wants to say that Tibet is beautiful, but I can ride (bi) Be careful.

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