What dangers have you encountered during cycling?

【1】 Hazards caused by its own reasons 1.

Self locking is not very skilled: the use of self locking is not yet skilled, and the unlocking is not enough or forgotten when encountering an emergency, resulting in the loss of balance and the falling of the car, which may result in collision with the car on the side or being chased or crushed by the car coming behind.


Inattention: for example, thinking about things while riding, listening to music, looking around at random, and colliding with an undetected roadblock or a car suddenly cut in.


Overtaking and riding on the road: close to overtaking, overtaking at curves, riding across the lane separation line, racing on urban roads or unknown road conditions, and reluctantly passing by with luck.

They collide because they can’t give way to cars that suddenly appear.


After observation, the change of line, steering or sudden brake will cause the car behind to react less and cause a collision.


When riding with one hand holding or scattering the handle, the driver loses balance or encounters an emergency, and has no time to grip and brake again, resulting in a collision accident.


Do not observe or slow down at the intersection, and pass through the intersection suddenly and quickly, so that cars can not avoid, resulting in a collision accident.

【2】 Hazards caused by environmental factors 1.

Road construction, rapid traffic flow, and heavy trucks traveling on bumpy roads will cause a lot of noise, which will make people upset and easily affect the judgment of cyclists or cause mistakes and reckless behaviors due to fear.


Heavy fog, heavy rain or poor road lighting at night, unclear vision and weak sense of distance lead to collision accidents.

【3】 The danger caused by the other side’s problems 1.

The car driver can change the lane, go against the direction of the road and force others to squeeze depending on his/her status as a “strong person”, which leads to danger.


Fatigue, drinking, drug abuse, reckless driving, loss of control caused by mechanical failure, etc.

of the car driver cause the vehicle to deviate from the lane and collide with the rider.


The driving car in front suddenly stops suddenly or changes direction, causing cyclists to chase.


The car parked at the roadside in front suddenly opened the door, causing cyclists to chase.


The car turned suddenly without turning the signal and hit the cyclist.


Automobile In particular, the truck or trailer did not pay attention to the inner wheel difference (The inner wheel difference refers to the difference between the turning radius of the front inner wheel and the turning radius of the rear inner wheel when the vehicle is turning.

This area is the blind area of the driver’s vision.

Large trucks, trailers and other large vehicles with long bodies turn over, and often the long body has not completely turned over, which is easy to cause the driver to misjudge.

Generally, small cars will produce an inner wheel difference of nearly 1 meter, and large vehicles will produce an inner wheel difference of more than 2 meters), which will lead to the rear wheels being easy to collide with riders.

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