What can you eat to supplement your ability!

When riding, we all want to take less things and reduce unnecessary burdens.

But in addition to the necessary items, there is also food for long distance riding.

For a long time, water needs to be replenished, and energy will dissipate with the loss of water and physical strength.

Therefore, energy supplement during cycling is also essential.

Let’s see which energy supplements are suitable for riding.


Compressed biscuits Compressed biscuits are made of expanded powder.

The compressed biscuit has the characteristics of crispness, non water absorption and softening.

It is suitable for long-term storage and transportation due to high temperature and high pressure sterilization and detoxification during expansion.

Packaging with plastic bags is both sanitary and convenient.

Although the biscuit is also made of flour, it is more resistant to hunger because its texture is relatively tight and the expansion agent is used to reduce its water content, and it is not easy to absorb water, so the effective ingredients in the biscuit (which can supplement physical strength) are more in the same volume.


Dried beef is the second largest meat food in China, second only to pork.

Beef has high protein content, low fat content, delicious taste, and is loved by people.

It enjoys the reputation of “the pride of meat”.

Beef jerky contains a variety of minerals and amino acids needed by the human body, which not only maintains the chewy flavor of beef, but also remains unchanged for a long time.

For the production of beef jerky, the first step is to choose the best raw materials, followed by the production process and production time.

When drying in the sun, the time of sunshine should also be considered, and every process should be closely controlled.

However, the taste of dried beef produced in Inner Mongolia is generally hard.

When you really go for a ride, too hard dried beef is not suitable.

There is an Australian beef jerky specially developed for sports, called Energy Magic Bull Stick, which is moderate in hardness, rich in protein and various vitamins and amino acids, and is very suitable for riding.

There are not many goods on the market, so you can search online yourself.


Chocolate/Snickers peanuts, caramel, chocolate, sweep away hunger, unlimited vitality! Such heavy energy components and supplementary energy are absolutely top.

It is small, delicious, and resistant to hunger, but it is easy to get angry if you eat too much! 4.

The water in the body will be lost in a large amount after a long ride, which will lead to the loss of salt and electrolyte.

Although functional drinks can complement both, they will feel bad after a long time.

At this time, the pickles are salty, hot and delicious, which can not only ensure the supplement of salt and electrolyte, but also enrich the taste.

It’s delicious and not expensive! 5.

Plum/raisin plum has the function of refreshing and appetizing.

It can supplement salt in the way, and its storage time is longer than that of pickles.

Raisins are high in calories, minerals and nutrients.

Both of them are easy to eat and take.


Bananas are reputed as excellent products in the cycling industry.

Most riders who ride long distances will prepare some bananas to satisfy their hunger and prevent leg cramps.

So many riders know that, I don’t want to say more.

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