What are the benefits and advantages of cycling for women

Cycling is no longer just a man’s sport, and more and more women have joined the cycling sport.

Looking at the women who ride bicycles and wear cycling equipment, they are really women, which makes people admire.

So why do more and more women join the cycling ranks? What are the benefits and advantages of cycling for women? 1、 The real woman riding a bicycle is very real and never needs to make up.

When you step on the bike, fasten your helmet, wear goggles and wear a headscarf, no one can see you even if you make up as a fairy.

Now many beauties have been processed manually, from cutting double eyelids, raising the bridge of the nose to breast augmentation and waist girdling, and so on.

The women riding bicycles are original.

2、 A woman who rides a bicycle without worry is stronger than an ordinary woman in spirit and perseverance.

When she goes out to ride a bike, especially for a long distance, she has to carry a backpack weighing dozens of kilograms.

You don’t have to worry about her.

She won’t be coquettish in front of you.

She knows how to bypass the ticket evasion by holding the door.

She has a small wound that she can overcome and will not become a burden to others.

3、 Cycling requires a lot of exercise and good physical quality.

It is said that women are poor, and their physical conditions are different at the age of ten.

Their bodies decline rapidly every ten years, including their appearance and physical fitness.

Because cycling women have been exercising, there is no difference between their physique at the age of 40 and 30.

They are not very sick, which can save medical and health care expenses and weight loss expenses.

4、 Generally beautiful women who save money like to go shopping, buy fashion, do beauty, watch movies and drink coffee, while women who ride bicycles can wear a set of outdoor clothes for many years, and their hair is also the kind of horse tail that is easy to take care of.

Every time they ride back from outside, they always feel that they owe their family a lot, and then they don’t step out of the door.

In addition to cooking, they watch TV at home, Save money for your husband instead of helping him spend money.

5、 Free cycling women are more grateful for the free space given by their husband.

If they go out to participate in outdoor activities, their husband is a free man.

They can call friends at any time, drink and play cards without worrying about being scolded.

Men should be proud of women cycling.

It can inspire men to make more progress.

6、 The effect of weight loss is obvious.

Cycling also belongs to aerobic exercise, and it has rare advantages compared with jogging and fast walking, which are highly praised as the king of fat reduction exercise: aerobic cycling lasts for more than 30 minutes, it begins to achieve effective fat burning effect, and the fat consumption is systemic.

It will not only lose legs because cycling mainly uses leg muscles, Continuous long-range aerobic exercise more than 3 times a week, coupled with the correct diet, can achieve the effect of weight loss<.