Weekend Day 1 Activity | [Riding in Baili Gallery] 29 km Leisure Ecological Ride to Yanqing Baili Landscape Gallery

Yanqing, north of the imperial capital of Beijing, has such a beautiful place, a beautiful hundred mile landscape gallery.

You may have heard of it, or you may have driven here by yourself.

Today, we give you a new way to visit the hundred mile landscape by bike.

You can taste nature on the basis of sports.

The hundred mile landscape will unfold slowly to you like a landscape painting.

Don’t hesitate to pack your bags quickly and start with your impression! Yanqing Baili Gallery, a national AAAA level scenic spot, includes 12 space nodes in the first ring road and three districts, involving 112 li of the riverside ring road, hence the name “Baili Landscape Gallery”.

The scenic area has excellent ecological environment and rich tourism resources.

The park has excellent ecological environment and rich tourism resources.

The beautiful White River Valley and the magnificent Heihe Valley have bred rich tourism resources such as the magical silicified wood group, the majestic dripping waterfalls, the mysterious Wulong Valley, the solemn Chaoyang Temple, the ancient Guandi Temple and the lush original secondary forests on the Grand Beach.

The whole loop line is 29 kilometers long, and the road is gentle.

It is suitable for all cyclists.

Advantages of cycling 1.

The body shaping effect of cycling is very good, which can make the small belly disappear, the waist circumference become smaller, and the hips become warped.


Riding can greatly improve our sleep quality and mental outlook.


The most important thing you can do by cycling is to exercise your thigh muscles.


Riding requires a lot of oxygen, which can strengthen our heart and lung functions.


Riding can help us reduce stress.

When we ride a bike, our brain secretes a substance that can relax our brain, make us feel happy and happy.


Riding can exercise our willpower.

Consultation: Xie Lei (13520184051, same as WeChat) Shi Xue (15321673382, same as WeChat) Venue: Yanqing Theme: Cycling Time: Saturday Sunday 07:30-19:30 Days of activity: 1 day Activity intensity: leisure (the whole journey is about 29 kilometers) Activity attractions: Baili Gallery Assembly time: 07:30 (or subject to the assembly information notice) Assembly place: Metro Huixin West Street South Exit Station (or subject to the assembly information notice) Transportation mode: bus 258 yuan/person, children at the same price, discounts: 2-3 people at a discount of 9.5%, more than 4 people at a discount of 9% follow the WeChat public platform for more exciting activities, Subscription No.: xmcyh2017 or QR code scanning fee includes 1.

Transportation: round-trip charter fee and other related ancillary fees; 2.

Riding: 21 speed mountain bike and bike riding protective gear (please explain when applying for children’s car, the cost is the same as that of adults, and gloves are not provided temporarily); 3.

Service: the whole journey is led by a team leader, led by a cyclist, and supported by a shuttle logistics vehicle; 4.

Insurance: One day for outdoor insurance, ID card number shall be provided when applying; The cost does not include 1.

Catering: self provided lunch; 2.

Others: For personal consumption, please take care of your bike.

If there is any damage, you need to compensate according to the price.

A full refund will be given to those who withdraw before 12:00 noon on the day before the departure of the event (if there is a service charge for platform registration, all the rest will be refunded after deducting the corresponding service charge); 30% of the activity fee will be refunded to those who withdraw after 12:00 noon on the day before the departure; No refund will be given to those who fail to arrive without making a statement at the time of departure or who are seriously late.


Website registration: log in to bjxmcy.

360jlb Cn (or the original text link below the text) Select the corresponding activity and date, fill in the personal real information and pay online; 2.

WeChat registration: add 13520184051 to register for friends; 3.

Prepayment: 258 yuan/person; 4.

Payment method of deposit: Alipay 13520184051 payee * Shilei, or WeChat transfer.

If you need other payment channels, please call 07:30 Huixin West Street Nankou Metro Station to gather and leave, and the gathering information will be sent before 8:00 p.m.

the day before the event; 09:30 Arrive at the main ditch of Bailishan Gallery, collect bicycles and protective equipment, and announce the precautions; 10: 30.

Riding on the green mountains without ink painting for thousands of years, the flowing water looks like a string of ancient sounds – travel hundreds of miles of mountains and waters, taste the millennium culture, view the 10000 mu tea garden, and appreciate the hundred million year fossils.

Cycling node: Xiushuiwan Xiaokunlun Shujian Peak Changshou Mountain; 12: 00 Road meals/picnics, you can freely choose to taste special farm food in the farmyard on the journey.

13: 00 Datan Nature Reserve, 1000 mu Sunflower Sea, 10000 mu Huangqin Tea Garden, Yanshan Academy Sketch Base and many other geological science popularization and natural and cultural landscapes.

14: 30 Continue to ride to Naishan Lake, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and the natural scenery of Baihe Canyon.

15: 30 Finish the Yanqing bike ride, return the bikes and gather for the return trip; 18: 30 Arrive at the place of departure, and the pleasant journey ends.

Note: The above time is the planned time.

If unpredictable and uncontrollable factors such as bad weather, traffic control, traffic jam and road repair, epidemic prevention and control during the trip still lead to the delay, change and cancellation of the trip under the active coordination of the team leader and other relevant personnel, the team leader and the event organizer have the right to adjust the event without taking economic responsibility, and all participants can understand and support.

(1) Have a good command of cycling skills.

The participants must obey the instructions of the coach and wear protective equipment; (2) Please take care of your valuables during the ride.

Do not answer or call your mobile phone, take photos or listen to music during the ride; (3) Participants should pay attention to their own safety during riding; (4) For this activity, please wear outdoor casual sportswear and shoes, and carry your shoulders; (5) Take good care of your bike.

If it is damaged, make compensation according to the price; (6) Please follow the arrangement of the coach and team leader..