[Weekend 1 day @ Baili Landscape Gallery Cycling] Yanqing’s most beautiful 29km cycling route, enjoy the autumn scenery of Baili Landscape

Close to the outdoors and enjoy your trip! An appointment to go on a journey! The most beautiful route for riding in the suburbs of Beijing, with a total distance of 29 kilometers in the Hundred Mile Landscape Gallery: Xiushui Bay – Rushan Lake – Dripping Bottle takes you to the Hundred Mile Landscape Gallery, with a bounty for autumn beauty in Beijing · Yanqing · Riding in the Hundred Mile Landscape Gallery, the top ten routes for riding in the suburbs of Beijing: The Hundred Mile Landscape Gallery, with a total distance of 29 kilometers, Xiushui Bay – Hundred Mile Flower Sea – Hundred Mile Landscape Gallery – Dripping Bottle Gallery! Take you to Yanqing Baili Landscape Gallery, where the four seasons are picturesque and the summer is a veritable summer resort and green oxygen bar; In autumn, it is a golden scene! About three or five friends, come to Yanqing! Get on your bike and ride on the ride route carefully planned for you in Yanqing, to breathe fresh air and feel the atmosphere of nature.

Yanqing Baili Landscape Gallery is located in Qianjiadian Town in the northeast of Yanqing.

In 2007, it was rated as the first of the 10 best self driving tours in Beijing.

The scenic spot gets its name because it involves 112 li of the riverside ring road, which is called “Hundred li Landscape Gallery”.

The four seasons here are picturesque, and summer is a veritable summer resort and green oxygen bar; In autumn, it is a golden scene, a good place for autumn outings in Beijing suburbs! The colorful patterns of the mountain are just like a child accidentally overturning its paint bottle, or a colorful oil painting.

All kinds of colors flow along the ridge and along the hillside, spreading all over the valley! (Some photos in the pictures and texts are not seasonal photos, subject to the actual situation)/Registration requirements during the epidemic/1.

Certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours (the display time of Beijing Health Treasure is 0-3 days) 2.

From low-risk areas, the health code travel codes are normal (and there is no record of leaving Beijing within 7 days) 3.

The temperature on the day of travel does not exceed 37.3 degrees Celsius.


Please strictly abide by the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and the epidemic prevention and control policy may change at any time, The specific policy of the day shall prevail/itinerary arrangement/one issue each Saturday and Sunday, and the same day round trip! 07:30 — Huixin West Street South Exit Subway Station will gather and leave, and will notify the bus number in advance.

Don’t miss the bus.

10:00 — Arrive at Baili Gallery Xiushui Bay, pick up the bike and helmet, and explain the precautions to the riders! 10: 30 — Riding on the green mountains, painting without ink for thousands of years, and the flowing water is like a string of ancient sounds — Traveling hundreds of miles of mountains and waters, tasting the millennium culture, viewing 10000 mu of tea gardens, and appreciating hundreds of millions of years of fossils.

Cycling route: Xiushuiwan – Xiaokunlun – Shujian Peak – Changshou Ridge.

You can enjoy the scenery along the way, such as Xiaokunlun Mountain, Shujian Peak, dinosaur footprint fossil relics, marine sediment relics, Caimugou Paleolithic Site, Wenchang Monument, where you can find colorful mountains and return to nature.

12: 00 —- Bring your own lunch or eat in a nearby restaurant! 13: 00 —- Continue to ride to Naishan Lake, enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains, and enjoy the natural scenery of Baihe Canyon.

15: 00 —- Arrive at the terminal Dishui Lake parking lot and gather back to Beijing! 18: 30 —- Arrive in Beijing and end the activity PS: The above itinerary may change due to weather, physical fitness of the team members, transportation and other factors, and the specific arrangement is based on the leader/ Activity budget/activity cost 258 yuan/person (178 yuan/person for self driving), including: 1.

To and from Baili Gallery in Beijing, the fare, toll, fuel and driver’s fees; 2.

Rental fees for 21 speed mountain bikes and bike riding protectors (helmets and gloves) Note: riding gloves are not provided for the time being during the epidemic, but can be provided by yourself/ Registration method/activity Q group 6322705 (outdoor activities are held every week) Contact information: Liangzi – Mobile phone/QQ/WeChat: 15010971360 Grey – Mobile phone/QQ/WeChat, All deposits will be refunded before 18:00 on the day before the event if you exit the event or change the tour term.

If you exit the event or change the tour term after 18:00 on the day before the event and there is no substitute team member, the deposit will not be refunded.


If you cannot participate in the event of the day or cannot catch the bus late for your own reason, the deposit will not be refunded./1.

Take enough water for outdoor cycling.

Cycling is an endurance sport.

Especially in summer, always pay attention to water supplement.


Obey the traffic rules, do not rush, do not fight with others.


Before riding, check whether the vehicle is abnormal, the brake is not flexible, whether the brake pad has been worn, and whether the tires are sufficiently inflated.


When riding, be sure to concentrate and hold the handle firmly.


Riding equipment should be as complete as possible, including helmets, knee pads, ankle pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc., to prevent injuries during riding/ Suit requirements/1.

Wear loose clothes suitable for cycling, and pay attention to sun protection! 2.

Bring your own lunch and enough drinking water.


If you like taking pictures, take your camera or mobile phone with you and spare batteries.


You can bring a small back to pack water, snacks, lunch, etc./Other instructions/1.

For those who participate in the activity, team discipline must be paid attention to when acting in a unified way.

It is recommended to play together in free activities (if you register separately, you can find the leader to arrange other members to play together).


Be sure to pay attention to the concept of time, whether it is at the beginning of the gathering and departure, or during the midway tour of scenic spots, or the final return gathering..