We sincerely invite you to participate in the carbon reduction cycling trip!

Are you tired of the noisy city, trivial life and busy work? Have you considered changing your mood and letting your tired body and mind go to the grassland in early autumn? Then, from August 27 to 28, the 2022 Tour of Eqian Banner Cycling Conference, “Welcoming the Twenty National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Praising a New Era”, held by relevant departments and professional teams, sincerely invites everyone who is interested to gather in Etuoqianqi for a ride in early autumn.

To this end, we have specially prepared a cycling route for you.

Starting from Dashatou Scenic Area in Aolezhaoqi Town, Etuoke Front Banner, it passes through the Holy Fire Park, Hareserica, Chuansha Road, Revolutionary Mujiale, Red Tourism Road, and Wangzhenjing.

The destination is the Chengchuan Memorial Hall of Yan’an Ethnic College.

The whole journey is about 110 kilometers.

Four supply points are set up on the way, and players can supply along the way.

Take out the dusty bike quickly! Let’s take a “carbon reduction cycling” trip together.

Slowly and more slowly, we can appreciate the deep red culture, beautiful cultural and natural landscape and rich ethnic fusion customs of Etuoke Front Banner.

After all, the most beautiful scenery is always on the way! Text/Video: Yan Wei, Yuan Wenna, He Ya, Supervisor, Jiao Yuzhu, Editor in Chief, Su Yuan, Reviewer, Hu Ri, Le Zhula, Proofreader, Yan Wei, Editor, Li Ran, Statement/.