We are far from safe riding and still need a riding permit

In the 1980s, there was a huge flow of bicycles on the streets.

Today, this scene seems to be back.

Walking in today’s society, we need to hold all kinds of certificates to prove our identity and ability, but we forget to assess “safety”, the most important premise of travel.

Bicycle, which carries the memory of countless Chinese people, has been a must for a family for a long time.

With the appearance of shared bicycles in the streets, the “bicycle kingdom” in memory is resurrected.

However, the bicycles passing through the streets and alleys not only bring cycling back to Chinese life, but also bring back all kinds of uncivilized riding habits.

With the increasing frequency of cycling, how to ride safely also needs our attention.

While feeling the convenience, health and green of bicycles, Chinese people should also start to think about a question: do we need a riding permit? Cycling should have been a beautiful thing/ On March 26, 2017, an 11 year old boy riding a shared bike collided with a bus on Tiantong Road, Shanghai.

After falling to the ground, he was caught under the car and died after ineffective rescue.

In April 2017, a young man in Beijing violated traffic regulations by riding a shared bicycle near Jingmi Road, Chaoyang District, resulting in another cyclist falling to the ground with his car and being crushed by an incoming bus and died on the spot.

On May 25, 2017, a 10-year-old boy in Tianjin fell down while riding a shared bicycle.

The brake handle was inserted into his thigh.

After the fire officers and soldiers broke and cut, the boy was sent to hospital for treatment.

During the Spring Festival this year, an orthopedic hospital in Shenzhen admitted a child over 2 years old.

When the child’s mother rode a shared bike, she put it in the front basket and accidentally threw the child to the ground, resulting in a fracture of the right tibia and fibula.

Search for shared bicycle accidents on the Internet, and there are many similar cases.

According to relevant statistics, in the past 2017 alone, there were 129987 traffic violations involving bicycle sharing in Shenzhen, with 12 fatal accidents.

The main cause of accidents is that shared bicycles enter the motorway.

11 of the 12 accidents are related to this.

There are 3 cases of crossing the motorway obliquely and 2 cases of retrograde respectively.

Dangerous cycling on the streets of Beijing/ This is only the data of a city in Shenzhen.

In fact, from the birth of shared bicycles to today, accidents caused by dangerous riding have never disappeared.

People are used to pointing the finger at the operators of shared bicycles, but the reason behind the accident is far from simple.

For example, the state stipulates that children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride bicycles, but it is not uncommon for children to ride shared bicycles in the streets.

Some parents even help them unlock the lock.

For another example, the bicycle company has repeatedly reminded that only sundries can be placed in the car basket and no one can sit in it, but many bold parents still put their children in the car basket.

Traffic lights should be observed, bicycles should be kept to the right, motor vehicle lanes should not be occupied, and one handed riding is not allowed…

We have relatively perfect riding rules, but there are always violators with a sense of luck, which will eventually lead to bitter consequences.

In addition, in addition to uncivilized riding habits, damaged shared bicycles cannot be repaired in time.

On the one hand, relevant departments encourage cycling, on the other hand, they do not set up enough bicycle lanes, which may increase the risk of cycling.

The phenomenon of riding with people is still very common/ Does the movie sunny day need a license to ride on the road? Today, some people’s “uncivilized performances” on shared bicycles are not unprecedented “innovation”, but more like a repetition of history.

It can be said that in the 100 years since the introduction of bicycles into China, dangerous riding has attracted much attention because it is difficult to eliminate.

Xiao Qian, a famous writer in the Republic of China, once wrote an article “the philosophy of bicycle”, listing the cycling performance of all kinds of wonderful flowers at that time.

After the staff member of the telegraph office stepped on the bicycle, “he knew that the police seal (traffic regulations) was set for the weak.

The patrolman commanded him with a wooden stick.

He would hit the stick together, and even the life of the 70 year old woman was hanging under his wheel…” did he feel deja vu when reading? In the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, crosstalk master Hou Baolin also had a crosstalk “nocturnal journey”, which satirized some uncivilized cyclists.

They didn’t listen to the police, didn’t obey the traffic rules, didn’t install lights or bells, and even dared to go on the road without repairing the brakes.

Finally, they had to “fall into the ditch with people and cars”.

One car for the whole family was the norm of Chinese families in the previous era/ In the movie “sunny days”, which shows the life of the children in the courtyard in the 1970s, adolescent middle school and high school students also like to show their courage by cycling with one hand or “Daba” with both hands loose.

This dangerous behavior has been followed by many people up to now.

However, in the long “pre bike sharing” era, the riding career of Chinese people is not all a mess.

In some historical periods, in order to facilitate management and standardize traffic order, many places have issued the policy of “riding permit”: riders need to be qualified before they can ride on the road.

Cyclists on the road should carry their bicycle “driver’s license”.

Once they are found by the traffic police without a riding permit, they will face punishment.

In the Republic of China, many places needed a riding permit to ride on the road.

In today’s society, there are more and more shared means of transportation – such as sharing bicycles, electric cars and even balanced cars – and it has become more and more convenient for people to ride on the road.

As the threshold is lowered, the degree of chaos on the road is also increasing..