Want to lose weight? Go cycling! Whole Strategy of Riding to Lose Weight

Cycling is a great leisure exercise.

However, if your goal of cycling is to lose weight, you may need to change your original leisure riding style.

The following methods can help you lose weight faster and more effectively.

How far is it? If you are cycling to lose weight, the duration of cycling is more important than the actual distance.

This means that you don’t need to participate in a Tour de France to lose weight.

When you start to prepare for cycling to lose weight, you can first make a cycling plan through a simple test.

Use your code watch or GPS watch or mobile phone APP to see how far you can ride in 30 minutes.

Write down the data and ride the same distance next time, but try to reduce the time.

As your fitness improves, you will spend less time and burn more calories.

When you love the feeling of riding with the wind, you can plan the next step – to spend more time riding.

For example, you can plan to ride three times a week, a 30 minute short ride, a 45 minute leisure ride, and a 60~120 minute long distance ride.

How fast? If weight loss is your basic goal, exercise intensity is far more important than riding speed.

Compared with low-intensity cycling, high-intensity cycling will burn more calories.

And the type of bike you choose and the road conditions along the route will affect your strength and speed.

For example, if you ride a heavy mountain bike off-road on a muddy mountain path, you may need to pedal very hard at a speed of 20km/h.

But at the same speed, if you are going downhill on the highway, you can easily reach it without doing any work.

The best option is to learn how to use a heart rate monitor.

Heart rate meter can accurately measure your data.

Set the goal at 70-75% of your maximum heart rate.

If you don’t want to spend money on the heart rate meter, you can also use PRE (self perceived strength) instead.

From 1 to 10 levels, you should be at the seventh level during cycling, that is, you need to take a deep breath, but you have not reached the state of breathlessness.

Where to ride? Riding to lose weight will consume the most calories, affecting your duration and intensity.

In order to achieve the best results, you should choose a place where there are fewer cars, fewer roads, fewer good people, and fewer traffic lights at intersections (such as University Town).

Because every time you meet a red light, you have to stop, which leads to a decrease in your heart rate, takes up too much training time, reduces calorie burning, and reduces your riding potential.

Many cities have continuous bicycle lanes (here refers to foreign countries).

Especially when you ride on the road for the first time, it is more important to choose a safe route than an interesting one.

If you stay away from these safe routes, it’s even worth driving.

Which one? Having a bike can help you lose weight better.

So it is very important to find a bike that is suitable for your riding style and body.

Some riders prefer thin tires and lightweight road vehicles.

A road car can give you speed like a flash of lightning.

Road vehicles are suitable for riding on continuous and flat paved roads.

However, some riders do not like this way of riding.

The posture of road bikes during riding will require you to lean forward.

If this posture makes you feel a little dangerous, road vehicles may not be suitable for you.

Compared with road bikes, you may prefer comfortable and easy to control mountain bikes with thick tires.

These mountain bikes usually have shock absorbers and buffers to improve riding comfort.

When you ride a mountain bike, it is similar to the posture you can usually keep upright.

In addition, the wide tires also provide more stability, so mountain bikers will have more sense of security on their bikes, especially when they ride mountain bikes for the first time.

So how do you ensure that you buy the bike that suits you best? It’s better to go to the car store and try it out in person.

The professional sales staff of the car shop can recommend the right bike to you according to your budget and riding style.

What equipment do you need? Now that you have a bike, you know how exercise can help you lose weight.

Now, do you always think there are some shortcomings? Yes, that’s the equipment.

A small investment can make you safer and more comfortable during riding.

Helmets are essential for going out.

Go to the car store to buy helmets.

Of course, you can search the Internet for the tragedies that happened when you didn’t wear helmets.

ID card is another very important equipment, but I hope you will never use it on the road.

But if you ride alone and encounter an accident, a small ID card will help rescue workers to complete their work.

As your physical strength increases, you will find that you will ride farther and farther away from home.

If your bike breaks down or it rains suddenly, you can call for help.

An effective weight loss cycling with a water bottle will make you thirsty on the way.

Bring a water bottle with the car to replenish water at any time.

A good pair of cycling glasses can protect your eyes from flying debris or glass.

Buy a pair of riding glasses with non slip nose support to ensure that they will not slip during riding.

The following are optional accessories: a small saddle bag can carry portable tools, mobile phones, and other necessities with the car.

A small stopwatch mounted on the handlebar can record your speed, distance, location, rhythm and more data.

A stopwatch may not be necessary, but accurate data will help you move more purposefully.

Indoor cycling table If you really want to lose weight by cycling, an indoor cycling table is a very convenient tool for cycling..