Wang Zixuan: cycling


I’ve been studying at my sister’s house these days.

I have to ride for several kilometers every morning and come all the way north from the city to MaoYuan scenic city.

I’m very tired every time.

He came out from home and was fully armed.

Only his eyes were exposed all over his body.

The rest of the place was tightly wrapped, but even in this way, it was difficult to resist the cold wind.

When you get to the intersection of Shengli Road and Kaizhou Road, your legs are very sore, so you have to reduce the grade to reduce the burden on your leg muscles.

At this time, there is still a long distance to reach the destination.

I must preserve my physical strength, otherwise it is difficult to imagine what I am like after the destination.

There is little time left, so I have to do my best, or I can’t enter the live studio on time to listen to the teacher.

It seems that my physical quality has really decreased.

It’s no problem to go back and forth to Japan twice.

It’s even a little relaxed, but it’s such a situation without practicing martial arts for two years.

It seems that exercising every day is still very helpful.

I don’t want to improve.

At least it won’t decline.

Physical education has dropped from the positive number of classes to nearly the countdown.

It seems that I really have to practice.

After practicing day after day, even if you stop exercising for a week, it is obvious that there is a decline.

Only when you pay can there be a return.

If you only expect to practice in the period near the exam, it will not only fail to work, but may also produce muscle pain due to maladjustment in training, which will not have a good impact, but have a negative effect.

These riding changes are equivalent to exercise, exercise the thigh muscles, and then train the muscles all over the body to improve your physical quality, so that disease will not haunt you, and a healthy body is better than all rights and interests.