Walking, cycling, camping… Gaoming 50 km Bidao is your choice~

Gaoming District has accelerated the construction of Bijie Road.

According to the plan, the whole district has basically completed the construction of 23.3 km Bijie Road this year, and the total mileage of Bijie Road in the whole district has reached 50 km.

The Bidao system built around Xijiang River, Xiuli River, Xi’an River, Gaoming River, etc.

has basically formed a circular network, creating good conditions for people’s low-carbon travel, leisure walking, etc.

Huang Jian, a staff member of Gaoming District River Director’s Office, said that one of the basic requirements for the construction of Bi Road is that the pedestrian system should be connected to meet the needs of walking and cycling.

This year’s Bidao construction is carried out along the Xiuli River, Xijiang River and Gaoming River, initially forming a circular connection.

Xijiang Bidao passes through several places with night economy and water economy along the river.

For example, the current Binhe Park and Cultural Tourism Town.

At the same time, between Gaoming Waterworks and Junyu Wyndham Hotel, a 6.2km section of Bidao has been built on the Xijiang River beach, which can enjoy the customs of Gaoming fishermen and the scenery of modern yacht terminals.

Huang Jian said that in 2023, the construction of Bi Road will be carried out in combination with the standard strengthening project of Gaoming River dike enclosure and the hard bottoming project of the standard section, extending to three towns.

By 2035, a total of 123.92 km of Bi Road will be completed.

The construction of Gaomingbi Road started in 2020.

In that year, the Xiuli River Bi Road was built for 5 kilometers, and the Xijiang Bi Road was built for 2 kilometers; In 2021, 11.5 kilometers of Xi’an Riverside Road and 8 kilometers of Xijiang Riverside Road will be constructed.

This year, the city has assigned 23.3 kilometers of tasks.

11.2 kilometers of Xijiang Bi Road, 7 kilometers of Xiuli He Bi Road and 5.1 kilometers of Gaoming He Bi Road have been completed.

In 3 years, nearly 50 kilometers of Bijie Road was completed.

Bidao is a composite corridor built with water as the link, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and estuarine and coastal zones as the carrier, and the overall functions of ecology, security, culture, landscape and leisure.

Through systematic thinking, we should jointly build, jointly govern and share, optimize the ecological, living and production space pattern of the corridor, form a safe flood passage with clear water flowing smoothly and rivers tranquil, a natural ecological corridor with clear water and green banks and shallow fish flying at the bottom, retain nostalgia, share a healthy cultural and leisure corridor, and a high-quality ecological vitality waterfront economic belt.

Source: 883 Minsheng Hotline..