Unrelated cycling (121) autumn silhouette (2022)

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The second day of isolation in Suzhou is August 29.

Today, the sky outside the window is clear and blue.

It is suitable for strolling, visiting Jinji Lake, eating snacks and so on.

But, just talk about it.

These have nothing to do with me.

I don’t care about them.

I just like the isolated life in front of me.

Wake up at 6:00 in the morning and look at the circle of friends.

I know that Xining has been working at home for three days since today.

My colleagues are busy working at home.

I waited a thousand times before I came out, and it took effect immediately after I came out.

This year, I can’t go where I want to go, what I want to do, what I don’t want to do, and what I don’t want to do, I eat shit 💩 Can’t catch up with the heat (it’s Jia shallow again!) Hehe, I smiled and shook my head.

Last night, the group leader in the hotel isolation group informed that there are people who have been released from isolation for seven days today.

They should strictly abide by the relevant regulations and follow the guidance of the staff when going out.

This morning, for the first time, I heard someone in the corridor talking loudly and moving.

My excitement was expressed in my words.

I was sad and suddenly felt: should it be a happy thing to lift the isolation? Isolated life, how beautiful! This morning, someone in the isolation group of the hotel called the group leader: I can’t eat the boxed lunch.

I will eat instant noodles from today.

Please help the group leader to solve the problem.

The group leader replied quickly: Yes, please pay attention to the small stool at the door.

I have a sad question: can’t such a good love filled hot meal on the door be better than the instant noodles like human excrement? (oh, my God! I was also affected by Jia jianshallow.) this morning, the disinfection and sterilization in the corridor continued.

The corridor disinfection three times a day also turned the room with poor ventilation into a large disinfection cabinet.

The smell is irritating.

Put on a mask.

Today’s breakfast, there are meat brownies, spring rolls, porridge, eggs, very good.

This morning, there was also a banana and a small bag of epidemic prevention soup prepared by the local Chinese medicine hospital.

After tasting it, it was not good to drink, but it was already very good.

This morning’s door-to-door nucleic acid test showed that I had a sore throat.

I was a fat woman with eyes like goldfish bubbles.

I found that fat people, whether men or women, are heavy handed and painful.

The fat man Dabai in Xining and the fat man Dabai in Suzhou are the same.

They are both fat and white, and their hands are painful (the small white man or woman with thin body and long and thin eyes, all have soft hands).

Nucleic acid watch out for fat people, watch out for fat women.

In addition to eating and sleeping, today’s life is highly similar to yesterday’s, repetitive, process oriented, mechanized and automated.

Play baduan brocade, boil water, make tea, read a book, write a manuscript, call your family, read wechat, listen to music, and then send a message.

I was surprised to find that the routine and life of isolation that I experienced for the first time, the things that I repeat every day, are the life processes that I am familiar with and like.

It seems that I have been rehearsed repeatedly before, as if I have had a personal experience.

I was surprised to think that the isolation of this kind of day and this kind of life was what I had expected, the luxury life I had expected, and the utopian dream that had appeared in my dream.

I was surprised to know that the isolation of this kind of day and this kind of life is something that I am doomed to be unable to avoid.

It is something that I must experience in my life, just sooner or later.

Everything is being arranged.

I was surprised to find that I had deeply fallen in love with isolation.

This completely isolated, totally closed, rigid, rigid, parasitic, old and dead life and life were originally my favorite and specially created for me.

I am 1006.

I also love your simple and straightforward number.

I love everything in this room.

I cherish everything in front of me.

I am a person who has high self-discipline and consciously observes all the isolation discipline requirements (if the best isolation personnel are selected nationwide, I should be the most powerful competitor.

There is no one, I look forward to it).

Two days, two days of isolation, my life and thoughts have changed so much.

Ha ha! In just two days, I have transformed from an old man who has little ambition and advocates freedom into an old pet dog, and from a pet dog into a long worm like parasite with many hairy claws.

Its speed is far faster than the normal pace of evolution.

In five days, I will degenerate into what rare biological species? Let’s wait and see.

I don’t even want to go out on September 4, the day when the seal is lifted.

I can’t climb out.

I can just wriggle around like a witness.

Then? Feel free to live in isolation for a long time.

To tell the truth, I sincerely like this isolated life of “closed practice”: independent isolation, quiet and comfortable, focused thinking, abundant time, complete autonomy, quiet mind, and self recovery.

These are all my dreams.

Of course, there is “get for nothing”, which is also good.

It’s just that for me, it’s a little too late.

Once upon a time, people who had been isolated complained that isolation was like imprisonment, that life was like a year, that body and mind were burned, that they were eager to see, that they were eager to see, that they were dying, and that they had to live…

It turned out that people did not tell the truth! Good things are always hidden.

Hey hey, I know a little more about human nature..