“Trail around Zhejiang” is coming! Cycling, fitness and outdoor crossing lines are connected in series! Yueqing section is built like this →

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau issued the notice on accelerating the construction of the “trail around Zhejiang”.

Among them, the total length of the “trail around Zhejiang” built in Wenzhou is 441.47 kilometers.

The line passes through Longwan District, Ouhai District, Dongtou District, Yueqing City, Rui’an City, Yongjia County, Wencheng County and Taishun County.

“Trail around Zhejiang” refers to the construction of a “trail around Zhejiang” network system that fully integrates the existing mountain roads, ancient trails in scenic spots, riding greenways, fitness trails, forest trails, fire prevention trails, outdoor crossing routes, county and rural common roads and other resources within Zhejiang Province, and forms a network within the province and smooth across provinces in accordance with the requirements of “people-oriented, seeking instead of construction, minimum intervention and linking into a network”.

Each column cover of the “trail around Zhejiang” not only has the mileage data pointing to the destination, but also the cumulative rise and fall data.

At the same time, each column cover is a compass for identifying the direction.

Every mountaineer can view his route, track navigation and track tracking by scanning.