[time essay] Li Huixin’s notes on riding in the wind

Riding a bike in the wind almost everyone knows how to ride a bike.

It’s a piece of cake.

I haven’t ridden it for a long time.

I learned a lot of “big truth” when I rode 30 kilometers in the morning: when the wind is downwind, I only know that the car is fast, and when the wind is upwind, I know that the wind is blowing.

If you go with the wind, you often don’t feel the existence of the wind.

You just feel that it is labor-saving or the speed of the car is fast.

Of course, you won’t be very grateful to the wind; If the wind is against the wind, it is not too strong.

You are easy to feel its existence.

If the wind is strong, you will resent or even scold it.

Many people have the same attitude towards people and situations.

For example, for people, many people are not easy to perceive and remember the “good” of others.

Of course, they are not very grateful or not grateful.

However, he is very sensitive to people’s bad behavior, never forgets it, and even bears a grudge.

He will tit for tat whenever he has a chance.

From above, we can learn that it is natural for the wind to be both positive and negative, and for people to be both good and “bad”.

How to deal with people who don’t know gratitude, insatiable and unreasonable? With tolerance, understanding, help can not influence people, when is this injustice.

“Very helpless,”…

It’s really “born in sugar, I don’t know how sweet”.

Forcing good people to go against the wind.

Don’t complain against the times.

Everything is ready.

Start on the road of being loved and ride another 12 kilometers to meet the difficulties.

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