Three cycling ring lines and home stay open “book bar”… Chongming ecology and culture have encountered these new experiences. Do you want

Shanghai release, Shuxiang Shanghai, Jiefang Daily Shangguan news and jointly launched the special program for the interview with the publicity Minister of the district Party committee of the 2018 Shanghai book fair.

Today is the seventh issue.

The guest of the interview is Gong Zhaohui, member of the Standing Committee of the Chongming district Party committee and the publicity minister.

He said: I am a native of Chongming.

I hope Chongming can not only keep “nostalgia” in its development, but also pay attention to facing the future.

Provide a better living environment and work choices, so that our children are willing to return to Chongming to work; It also allows tourists to experience the cultural charm and island scenery accumulated for 1400 years.

Details ↓ Gong Zhaohui, member of the Standing Committee of Chongming district Party committee and Minister of publicity, recommended three routes for cycling in Chongming.

Interview Gong Zhaohui: Chongming district is composed of Chongming, Changxing and Hengsha islands, with a total land area of 1413 square kilometers.

Located at the estuary of the Yangtze River, it is the world’s largest estuarine alluvial island and the third largest island in China after Taiwan Island and Hainan Island.

It is known as “the gateway of the Yangtze River and Yingzhou in the East China Sea”.

Today, Chongming is taking steady steps to build a world-class ecological island and moving towards the goal of building the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration and the “maritime flower island” of the Yangtze River economic belt.

Chongming, which pays attention to environmental protection and ecological construction, has clear water, clean soil, fresh air, green grass, red flowers, verdant trees, flying birds in wetlands, and fish and shrimp in rivers.

In recent years, Chongming has made every effort to build an eco-cultural brand.

If you travel to Chongming, I can recommend three “riding routes” to netizens.

The first is the Forest Park Ring Road: specifically, Dongping National Forest Park – Beiyan highway – Long March highway – Linfeng highway – Beiyan highway – Dongping National Forest Park, with a total length of 17 kilometers.

The second is the historical and cultural line: specifically, Yingzhou Park – Aoshan road – jin’ao mountain – shou’an temple – Jiangfan road – Cuizhu road – New Town Planning Exhibition Hall – Gulangyu road – Yijiangshan road – Beimen road – Zhanyuan – Bayi Road Pedestrian Street – Nanmen road – Yingzhou Park, with a total length of 7 kilometers.

You can visit the most prosperous commercial street on the island – Bayi Road Pedestrian Street, enjoy the small and beautiful Jiangnan garden – Zhanyuan, as well as the fashionable and beautiful new town park.

Go to jin’ao mountain, shou’an temple and Chongming school palace to pursue the long history and culture of Chongming.

Go to Chongming planning exhibition hall to understand the grand blueprint for the development of world-class ecological island.

Finally, ride on the Yangtze River levee, blow the sea breeze, listen to the sound of the tide, the water and sky are the same in the distance, and the ships come and go, leaving a good memory in front of the Chongming Island monument.

The third is the line around the Pearl Lake: a bicycle lane is set around the Pearl Lake, with a total length of 7 kilometers.

With clear water and beautiful natural scenery, Mingzhu lake is the largest freshwater lake in Chongming.

The lake has verdant trees and gulls.

There will be a lot of scenery along the way.

Build a library in people’s homes interview look at all kinds of bookstores and reading spaces in Chongming ↑ Gong Zhaohui: Chongming is characterized by vast territory and few people.

Chongming accounts for 20% of Shanghai’s land, but its population only accounts for 2.9% of Shanghai, less than 700000 people, 1413 square kilometers.

In such a sparsely populated situation, we feel that it is inconvenient for people to read, so we distribute all kinds of book resources to people’s homes and directly turn their homes into libraries, which we call “people’s bookstore”.

A common people’s bookstore can generally cover dozens of families.

The owner of this family is the common people’s bookstore administrator.

The owners of these designated families are generally retired teachers, veteran party members or villagers who are recognized by the local authorities as loving reading, and one or two rooms can be vacated as activity venues if conditions permit.

Gong Zhaohui: for the distribution of the people’s book house, the owner of the book house puts forward a request to the village house.

After being confirmed by the village house committee, the village house connects with the township, and the Township Community Cultural Activity Center handles the borrowing procedures uniformly, and then distributes it to the people’s book house.

Before book delivery, we should solicit opinions on the needs of children and the elderly.

Moreover, the cultural activity centers of villages and towns and district level book borrowing are online, so the book resources that can be selected are very rich and personalized.

Have you ever been to these characteristic towns in Chongming? Interview Gong Zhaohui: Chongming became an island in 1400, with profound historical and cultural accumulation.

We have a saying called “keep homesickness”, but just keep “homesickness”.

If we don’t face the future, there is no way out of this village, and our children don’t want to go back to the village.

Therefore, our construction and development should not only keep homesickness, but also face the future, so that the quality of life of Chongming people can continuously improve and improve with the changes of the times.

At present, Chongming Three Islands have achieved “full coverage” of classified reduction of domestic waste, rural domestic sewage treatment and centralized treatment of agricultural and forestry waste.

Dongping town is the second batch of national characteristic towns of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

Located in the middle of the northern edge of Chongming Island, it now covers four state-owned farms in Chongming, namely Dongfeng Farm, Changjiang Farm, Qianjin farm and outpost farm, with a total area of 119.7 square kilometers.

Dongping is named after Dongping forest farm, which is now Dongping National Forest Park and a national 4A scenic spot.

It is trying to build an idyllic sightseeing Resort and tourism service area, and an island idyllic ecological livable home.

LvHua International Marathon characteristic town is located at the southern end of the west of Chongming, surrounded by rivers on both sides.

It is the location of the Yangtze River at the watershed of Chongming Island.

The town covers an area of 46 square kilometers.

Chenjia town national sports tourism characteristic town is a spatial area with sports and leisure as the theme, unique sports cultural connotation, good sports industry foundation, sports and leisure, culture, health, tourism, pension, education and training and other functions.

Chenjia town has built 60 kilometers of bicycle greenway, a world-class sports training base and a national sports industry demonstration base..