Those who insist on riding are all ruthless characters!

Riding is a kind of exercise to temper the will.

There are many cyclists, but few perseverers.

Just like life, you can only see miracles if you keep running.

Riding must be one of the most self abusive sports in human history, with hot body, breathless mouth, hip pain and knee pain.

Cycling is the biggest metaphor of life.

If you don’t step on it, the bike will never move, because there is no reward without effort.

Nothing is universal.

Compared with cycling, it can challenge you more.

The confidence and sense of achievement brought by cycling every week can be used for a week.

Riding will enhance your character and resilience, and you will become more comfortable under pressure.

Perseverance will enable you to deal with bad situations better.

The cyclist is absolutely a strong person.

Dopamine says, I am the happiness you crave, and cycling can give you dopamine; The body says, go to exercise quickly.

After exercise, you will feel thoroughly.

It is very difficult to insist on riding.

Busy work, warm quilts, friends’ parties, and the temptation of delicious food will drag you back from the road again and again! Those who insist on cycling are all ruthless characters who never mind killing themselves.

Life is often compared to Sunagawa Hideyoshi, but I think it is more like short distance cycling; Long hours of hard work were interrupted by short moments, when we were given the opportunity to express ourselves as much as possible.

It takes a lot of patience to ride a long distance, neither complaining nor explaining.

Forget all the “impossible” excuses and stick to the “possible” excuse.

Let the strongest solitude accompany you on your ride! From short distance riding to Sichuan Tibet Line riding, you can try to improve yourself at every distance.

As long as you want to challenge yourself, cycling will give you a good platform to experience overcoming yourself and breaking your limits.

The process of cycling is a process of continuous progress.

During the cycling, I feel the vitality of youth.

Therefore, the agenda of each weekend should be arranged as follows: go cycling on weekends.

People who insist on riding are dedicated, confident and proud.

They are very hard on themselves and work hard when others are careless.

After using them for several years, their EQ and IQ are still better than those of ordinary people.

Adhering to cycling, let me know that I didn’t care about sports before, but only focused on internal ignorance.

Let me see that so many self-discipline riders have gone so far, and I can’t catch up with them.

But riding let me surpass myself yesterday.

Each cycling is a new attempt.

Each cycling brings me hope to continue to persist tomorrow.

As long as I do it today, I will be worthy of myself who insisted on cycling yesterday, and also give myself confidence and strength tomorrow.

If you insist on cycling, what you can make up your mind to do is to completely change yourself!..