This year, they rode the poetry and painting south of the Yangtze River to feel the vitality of Zhejiang

At Zhejiang University, there is a team that has traveled all the prefecture level cities in Zhejiang Province in the past year.

The cumulative mileage of the members has reached 150000 kilometers, which is about 4 circles around the equator.

This team is TeamZJU Road Bicycle Club.

Not long ago, they made great achievements on behalf of the road team of Zhejiang University in the 2022 Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan “Peak Forest Cycling” bicycle race.

The members met with each other because of their love and unity because of their company.

During their spare time at Zhejiang University, they rode the poetry and painting south of the Yangtze River, visited the scenery of Zhejiang, and captured the vitality of Zhejiang, which resonated with the breath and breath of the city, mountains and rivers, and the humanities.

“If the scenery is a picture, we are in the picture.” The TeamZJU Road Car Club, founded in 2015, was formerly the road team of Zhejiang University.

It was spontaneously organized by Zhejiang University’s friends who love riding.

Now, there are more than 600 people, including alumni who have graduated from master’s degree and doctoral degree programs.

At present, the cycling routes of club activities have spread all over Zhejiang, including the West Lake, which is “suitable for light makeup and heavy makeup”, Ke Yan, which is “towering a thousand feet from the cliff and locking the fog in the cliff”, Oujiang River, which is “the clouds and the sun are shining, and the empty water is clear and fresh”, Tiaoxi, which is “a hundred folds of water without mud”, Cixi, which is “the tender lotus is hidden in the parting river”…

It is full of poetry and paintings in the south of the Yangtze River, but there is no lack of grandeur and magnificence.

The unique feature of Zhejiang’s landscape is that there are a few strands of refreshing poetry between thousands of mountains and green waters, which run through all the time from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty and today.

Club members from all over Zhejiang also sighed: “We rode all the way across mountains and lakes, which can be described as green mountains and rivers.” In September 2021, when they rode along the Qiantang River, they first encountered the flood tide of the Qiantang River and experienced “the vast sea and the vast sky are like thunder, and the Qiantang tide comes from heaven”.

Amid the roar, they rode on the riverbank and chased the tide.

Li Yuan, a 2019 undergraduate from the School of Economics, recalled: “The surging tide accompanied us, splashing waves around us from time to time, which made us feel cool.

When we rode to Jiuxi, the tide suddenly burst into the sky and formed a tide of turning back.

We quickly parked our car and watched with amazement.

After the tide slowly faded, we reluctantly packed up our bags and continued to move forward…” It was not only the water in Zhejiang that attracted people’s attention, And the peaks of Zhejiang are green.

During the National Day holiday that year, they passed Qianniugang for a five day long ride.

In the winding mountain road of more than 20 kilometers, when the magnificent mountains, steep cliffs and canyons in the distance gradually came into sight, they could not help but recite a poem: “I see how charming the green mountains are, and it should be like that when I see the green mountains.” At present, the pace of life is speeding up.

The slow and harmonious rural life in the south of the Yangtze River like “small bridge, flowing water and family” is also a vivid picture.

Among them, for Li Weijun, a 2021 graduate student of the School of Computer Science and Technology who has never lived in the countryside, she can’t help taking pictures of cute animals: ducklings swimming in the pond, dogs chasing the motorcade, chickens flapping their wings in disorder in front of them, and snakes occasionally bringing fright, Li Bei, a 2019 undergraduate from the School of Public Management, said: “If the landscape is a picture, we are in the picture.

If we are in the car, the landscape is like a picture displayed in a museum, and we just walk around and see the flowers, leaving only vague outlines in our mind.” And riding allows them to be in the painting.

In a quiet time, in a wide field of vision, the details that they did not pay attention to, such as bright and dark colors, light and shadow interlaced, dynamic and static changes, all jump into the horizon, and the nasal cavity is also a variety of natural fragrance…

Occasionally, they are free to do whatever they want, and they are absorbed in the sunset and green.

When they stop or go deep into the path, they will collide with nature.

The team that gathered them for love is shining.

There are not only interesting novices who just entered the university, but also competitive professional members in the club, ranking in the top ten of the mass group of Zhejiang Cycling League.

“Riding is not only the link that connects us at the beginning, but also the catalyst for our unity,” Li Yuan, the captain, felt deeply.

Many members joined the club as soon as they entered Zhejiang University.

The cyclists were their first friends in the university, and then the communication became deeper and deeper, not only in cycling, but also in all aspects of life.

The team cooperation emphasized by road cycling makes the members of the club like a tightrope.

“My physical strength is better.

I’ll go to the front to break the wind, so that you can ride more easily.” Li Yuan tightly blocked the front of the group; And if you notice that the little partners at the end of the team are exhausted, you will immediately go to the back and “push” them.

In the face of the potential tire burst risk during cycling, they have a clear division of labor and help each other with tire repair tools and safety precautions before each departure.

There are also special “technicians” in the club, who often debug and repair the road vehicles of the members to provide security.

Self discipline is also synonymous with clubs.

At six o’clock, the Xixi Wetland Team called out “at the gate of the hospital at 5:50 tomorrow morning”, and it was only a few minutes after receiving the call.

The 30km of morning exercise covers interval training, climbing training and endurance training.

After that, they started a new day of study and life in a more full state of mind.

“Exploring as many routes as possible is also one of the daily activities of the club.” Li Yuan was very happy when he mentioned the recent new routes.

The goal of the future club is to broaden the forms of cycling, such as “bicycle+public transport”, and expand the scope to Anhui and Jiangxi while continuing to go deep into Zhejiang Province.

This summer vacation, they have started from Hangzhou to explore the Anhui Zhejiang Tianlu Jingzhou Highway.

In the scrolls spread out beyond the beautiful scenery is the vitality of Zhejiang.

While surrounded by the beautiful scenery, they also have many unexpected gains..