This spring riding in Xi’an is so cool! There are many peripheral releases, and “1-day milk tea freedom” is realized by the way

How to reasonably transform the heat of milk tea? Just follow Mr.

Tang of yihetang and have an interesting and informative “Yiqu ride”! “Cycling flash out of the street” —— yihetang ——————– April 22 coincides with world earth day.

The low-carbon and environmental protection cycling trip is launched in Daming Palace! 9 Mr.

Tang pedaled their bikes, helped to save energy and reduce emissions, and measured the beautiful spring and summer of the ancient capital together! At a time when environmentalism is strongly advocated, cycling is definitely a green and healthy way to travel.

While providing the public with a healthy body, it can also make you slow down the pace of life.

The scenery along the way will also sweep away your anxiety, get close to life and find your original self.

Riding can always bring surprises inadvertently.

The scenery passed by in a hurry when taking the bus at ordinary times can finally be a deep feeling! No, Mr.

Tang has brought you a pleasant ride around the Daming Palace and feel the power and domineering spirit of “nine days’ palace is closed and all nations worship Miandiao”.

The grand scene of Kangkang, one person and one car lined up, and the atmosphere started up at once! Sitting in the office, is your cervical spine bad? Lumbar protrusion? Can’t you sleep at night? After a ride, your muscles that lack exercise will work again, and your eyesight between old flowers and myopia will be bright again in front of the computer.

Even if you just feel the temperature of the sun in the spring breeze for a short time, it will be enough for you to return to a good state of bright heart and bright eyes and ruddy complexion! “Magic hot dance” ———– yihetang —— what’s more unexpected is that Mr.

Tang, one of the best in the milk tea industry, can ride a bicycle and dance hot dance in the hall and kitchen! After a flash, the atmosphere was in place.

Everyone took photos and clocked in one after another to preserve the joy of this moment.

After the hot dance, the link of awarding prizes came, and all kinds of exquisite and practical surroundings appeared one after another ~ we can win three canvas bags in a row, and our luck from small to large can finally be used! Taking a group photo with Mr.

Tang can also get a beautiful key chain.

It’s your turn to appear in position C in the circle of friends again! What’s more, this time there is the sweet blessing of yihetang, which provides you with “happy riding water”.

The classic roasted milk tea can be drunk per ton! As long as you ride more and exercise more, drinking milk tea will leave only happiness and a sense of guilt without a trace! Riding low-carbon travel is not only beneficial to the environment, but also like drinking milk tea to find some fun for a monotonous life.

Re measure the world in another way.

What we meet in life is no longer the crowding and monotony at 8 o’clock in the morning.

The invariable commuter road has been walked a hundred and eighty times, and the restless riding heart also began to shout.

After all, life is not only a daily shuttle in the sea of people, but also the distant rivers, lakes and seas waiting to cross.

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In addition, from now on to May 8, Shaanxi stores are still carrying out beneficial and interesting search activities for Koi.

During the activities, customers can enjoy the discount of RMB 2 per barrel of any product in the [true] series, and one liter of fruit tea will turn your happiness into XXL! [really] the series will immediately “shift the position” and have an online interaction with Mr.


Maybe we can get a 20% discount coupon for roasted milk ↓↓↓ # preferential access # Click to zoom in and see Yihe roasted milk ——————————- maybe we don’t often have the opportunity to have fun in cycling, but at least every effort of green travel will bring little changes, The happiness of drinking milk tea will not decrease at all.

In this summer, let’s practice the concept of environmental protection travel and embrace sweetness with yihetang! Recommended reading 👇 click.