This car can’t go on the road! The woman died of craniocerebral injury caused by falling while riding, and her family claimed 2.13 million!

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Recently, a death case of riding a balance car in Suzhou, Anhui Province caused discussion among netizens.

On June 6, 2017, Deng mouli bought an intelligent electric balance car online.

On June 11, 2017, Deng mouli fell down suddenly while driving the balance car on the road and was injured.

The balance car was damaged.

Deng mouli was diagnosed as severe open craniocerebral injury and died on June 16, 2017.

Deng mouli’s family took the balance car manufacturer and so on Sue to the court for compensation of more than 213 million yuan.

Screenshot of the civil judgment of the case.

Deng’s family believes that the electric balance car provided by Deng is a defective product, and Deng’s death is caused by the defective product provided by the manufacturer.

The court of first instance held that according to China’s existing laws and regulations, the balance car is prohibited from driving on the road.

It can be seen that the balance car driving on the road itself is very dangerous.

Deng mouli only tested driving at his residence after receiving the goods for assembly, that is, driving the balance car on the road the next day.

He was at great fault.

Due to objective reasons, the appraisal organization terminated the appraisal of the balance car involved in the case.

According to the existing evidence, it could not prove that the balance car involved in the case had defects in product quality, that the direct cause of Deng mouli’s fall from the car was caused by product defects, and that there was a direct and only causal relationship between Deng mouli’s death and product quality, However, according to common sense, the driver is very easy to fall off the balance car at the moment of losing his balance.

The reason for the driver’s loss of balance may be the quality of the balance car, the driver’s balance operation and his own physical condition, or the road conditions involved in the case.

Since the balance car was listed, It is also common for drivers to fall for various reasons.

Considering the specific circumstances of this case, the above reasons may exist, so the court of first instance held that both the producer and the driver were at fault.

Recently, the intermediate people’s Court of Suzhou City, Anhui Province made a final judgment that the manufacturer and the victim should bear 50% of the responsibility respectively.

The manufacturer should compensate the victim’s family for more than 570000 yuan.

Many netizens believe that balancing the car on the road itself is an illegal act.

Article 74 of the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law stipulates that pedestrians are not allowed to use skateboards, roller skates and other sliding tools on the road.

This means that the electric balance vehicle, which is neither a motor vehicle nor a non motor vehicle and does not have the nature of a vehicle, can only be used in application scenarios other than motor vehicle lanes, non motor vehicle lanes and pedestrian crossings.

Next, be prepared.

These pictures may scare you โ†“โ†“โ†“ many netizens tell about their own experiences.

In addition!! Attention!! Some parents may think that the electric balance car is a toy.

It’s OK not to go on the road and buy it for their children to play nearby.

In June, the China Consumer Association issued an authoritative tip: although some products seem “fun”, they are not toys.

Because of their high safety risk, it is recommended not to play with children as toys.

One of the most common is the electric balance car.

According to experts, electric balance vehicles are neither children’s toys nor sports equipment.

If such products are mistaken for children’s toys, it is easy to ignore the risks.

Especially the younger children, because their own balance ability is not perfect and lack of corresponding risk prevention awareness, they are very prone to safety accidents in the process of riding.

In fact, the electric balance vehicle has always had quality hidden dangers.

In 2020, Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau conducted supervision and random inspection on the product quality of electric balance vehicles produced and sold in Shanghai.

20 batches of products were randomly inspected, and 13 batches were unqualified.

Similarly, on August 25, 2020, the official website of Guangdong market supervision and Administration Bureau released the random inspection of 2019 electric balance vehicle product quality supervision.

After inspection, it was found that three products produced by three enterprises were unqualified.

In February this year, CCTV also released a report on the potential safety hazards of balanced vehicles.

The report showed that nearly 70% of the 20 batches of samples tested were unqualified.

Finally, we must remember: there are thousands of roads, safety is the first, driving is not standardized, and relatives cry.

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